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Reading Festival Day 2 – Saturday 29th August 2009 August 30, 2009

Hello once again dear readers and here is the second of a series of three bulletins from the muddy trenches at the front line of the Reading Festival. Actually I lied about the mud it’s more like a dust bowl. In fact the dust kicked up by the mosh circles on Saturday were kicking up more output than the smoke machines on the main stage. Unlike yesterday today was more of a Main Stage day for us.

We arrived just in time to see the whole of the Eagles Of Death Metal’s set. OK death metal they’re not, but fantastic full on rock band they are. These guys know how to party and party we did! well we bounced up and down a lot anyway. The video screens showed Dave Grohl off of the Foo Fighters and Nirvana backstage with his daughter, she’s clearly not ready for fame yet as she covered her eyes the whole time, a real sweetie though 🙂 Josh Homme off of Queens Of The Stone Age was also in the backstage crowd

Next up was the excellent Enter Shikari and like the EODM these guys know how to party, I will go so far as to say that I thought they were among the top 10 bands I have ever seen at Reading and I have been going a looooooong while! We then took a short but offensive break in the comedy tent with Gary Delaney and Doug Stanhope. These guys, particularly Doug, know how to take things right to the edge! Bloody funny indeed! After this we returned to the Main Stage for Ian Brown and for me he was without doubt the biggest disappointment of the day. He really didn’t seem quite with it and sounded out of tune much of the time.

After Ian Brown things could only get better and we headed to the BBC Introducing stage to see the stupendous Soft Toy Emergency. Regular readers will know that I have seen this band before and today, once again they were truly on fire. This will be a very big band indeed and if they’re not on the NME Radio Stage next year I will eat two of the festivals foot long frankfurters!

To fill time before I next visit to the Main Stage we wandered over to the Festival Republic tent and chanced upon a truly excellent instrumental band, 65 Days Of Static. I must confess that I had never heard of them before, but check them out I’m sure that you’ll love them! So back to the Main Stage, the crowd for the Prodigy was so vast that at one point I was facing away from the stage and had to wait for a crowd surge before I could turn around. The band were easily up to their usual high standards though, Firestarter was a massive favourite with the crowd. How could anyone follow them? Well the Arctic Monkeys tried, but for me whilst they have great songs and play really well there is no real personality there. So we left about half way through their set and caught the last part of the Gossip in the NME Radio 1 tent. Absolutely brilliant, Beth Ditto was on great form. Standing In The Way Of Control blew the roof off and she even came back on at the end with a towel on her head for a short sing along of Queen’s We Are The Champions!

Gotta go now and get ready for Day 3, so until the next time folks!


5 Responses to “Reading Festival Day 2 – Saturday 29th August 2009”

  1. nick horslen Says:

    Sunday morning “where are yer!!??” , the morning after the night before, where’s your post! I beat yer mate!

    Bill your a walking fucking encyclopedia of music and its pleasure to hit reading with you every year but last night, day 3 of reading2009, to hear radiohead “crack” that guitar as they opened with “creep” was, well as the song says “…so fucking special”!!!!!

    Thanks mate and dont forget, credits to Gina with the Wina and Rhiannon our two stars of the crowd for this weeked!


    • justwilliam1959 Says:


      yes this year was fucking special indeed thanks in no small part to the excellent Adamson-Horslen team up and of course the mighty Radiohead!

      Yes I didn’t mention Gina the Wina and Rhiannon in the main post, but girls if you’re reading this I hope your hangovers weren’t too bad and you really made us laugh during the Arctic Monkeys set!

      I wonder if Rhiannon did get to introduce herself to everyone in the crowd in the end?




  2. nick horslen Says:

    ive just gone from elation to needing sedation when tim told me about The Crooked vultures playing the guest spot, shit hwo di we miss them ;-( Them Crooked Vultures http://www.johnpauljones.com/news.html Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and John Paul jones, that would have made my 30yr anniversay of seeing led zep at knebworth and would have made reading2009 a life time moment, sob!!!


    • justwilliam1959 Says:


      well I think you should blame Tim for not telling you the Crooked Vultures were playing 😉 But I guess that explains why Grohl and Homme were backstage doesn’t it!

      Never mind I’m sure they’ll be another lifetime moment along soon. Perhaps Luke’s band Steal The Smile on the introducing stage for starters 🙂




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