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Gary Numan – York Barbican – Friday 22nd July 2011 July 23, 2011

I mentioned another post earlier this month that I would soon be off to see Gary Numan at the Barbican in York, well it came around quite quickly and I was there for the show last night. It was a part of the weekend long DV8 festival across a number of York venues. It also seemed like there had been coachloads of Whitby Goths dropped in York for the weekend. It could easily have been a Bram Stoker convention. But really I jest because I love the fact that some people, mostly young, take the time to be a little different with their appearance. That indeed was one of the many things that I loved about my late, great cousin Deborah Schofield who died way too young quite a few years ago now. I reckon she would have enjoyed herself last night.

Catwoman did accompany me, against my best advice, I did tell her that she probably wouldn’t like the music. But she came anyway, to try to share my interest. That is one of the many things that I love her for. But she did leave halfway through Gary Numan’s set, I was pretty darned impressed that she made it that far actually!

So onto the show. Personally I thought the support band were dreadful and sit very easily in amongst the 5 worst bands that I have ever seen and I saw my first gig in 1973. Their musicianship was very good, the songs were mostly average and the lead vocalist, well I believe they need to get one! The bass player really looked the part though, he could have stepped right out of Johnny Thunder‘s Heartbreakers in the late 70s. But that is all just my opinion and they did seem to have quite a few fans. Of course it could be that they weren’t allowed anywhere near a sound check as often happens with support bands. Click here to check out their MySpace page and tell me what you think. I would like to stress that this is my opinion and I look forward to the inevitable backlash!

Luxury Stranger finished at 9.30 and then we waited nearly an hour for the main man Mr Numan to arrive on stage, but for me it was definitely worth the wait. I suppose tribal loyalty (I’m a Bowie fan) means I shouldn’t like Gary Numan, but frankly I find all that kind of stuff pathetic. Numan opened with a kind of dark electro fanfare which rolled neatly into the excellent “Down In The Park“. I must confess that I probably know more of his late 70s work, but the newer stuff is strong and powerful and he has a great stage presence. he sure as hell knows how to work his very passionate audience. I will almost certainly buy his new album ‘Dead Son Rising’ when it comes out in September.

He played the classic “Cars” shortly after Catwoman left the building. A shame really as this may have been the one song she would have recognised. He finished the pre encore part of the set with my favourite; “Are Friends Electric?” it still sounds fresh and futuristic. The main synth riff was replaced with a piano riff which works really well. He was only off stage briefly before finishing with two songs. The light show was bloody good as was the sound and the venue is great. I went away happy at midnight as I would imagine the rest of the audience did too. I would definitely go and see him again and I truly believe that his show would work well at the Reading Festival, probably late afternoon on the Main Stage. Are you listening for next year Reading organisers?

I don’t have any recordings from last nights show so here are a few excellent clips for your further listening and viewing pleasure.

And finally an excellent old interview with Graham Norton


6 Responses to “Gary Numan – York Barbican – Friday 22nd July 2011”

  1. Tony Says:

    Are you “special” matey? Luxury Stranger are awesomeness personified. Originally they were to play in the lineup at the dutchess, so we had to stomp all the way to the barbican, blood soaked socks from new rock boots, blisters chafing . They were bloody brilliant, Simon York owned that stage as he strutted his stuff, and belted out his songs, pure magic. Newman on the other hand, nice lights, couldn’t tell the difference between song 1 to 3 and figured he would keep cars till the very end to make us have to sit through the rest of his drivel. So song four we walked home, no loss. In our eyes, Newman was the support that night.


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Am I special? Hmmmmmm let me think about that………..definitely not! (Some might say retarded though!) I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree regarding Luxury Stranger (and Numan as well!) I stand by my opinion on both. I have even listened to Luxury Stranger on MySpace and they still don’t work for me. But stick with them, you can’t beat live music, especially if it’s a band you like. But I won’t be paying to see them again. If they’re on at a festival I’m at I might take a look out of curiosity. As far as Numan goes you probably left the same time as my fiancee; Catwoman, she shares your opinion on Numan, but she shares mine on Luxury Stranger. As for the Rock Boots, maybe you need to wear them around the house a bit before you wear them out! My preference is DMs and Converse High Tops. I’ve been wearing them for more than 40 years (not the same ones obviously) I walked home too with no blood whatsoever!


    • Jess Says:

      I have to agree with your review, as I blogged in my music forum….

      “Oh my. DV8 Fest was awesome. Gary Numan was incredible (even if his supporting act, Luxury Stranger, was total blandsauce)…”



      • justwilliam1959 Says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one then 🙂 And thanks for the that wonderful description…….. blandsauce! Excellent. But I do feel I got something right (or very wrong) because Luxury Stranger are now following me on Twitter. Not that I ever use it other than to publish my blog posts.


  2. media pro Says:

    You said it William, they do have a lot of fans and that doesn’t happen by accident. Nor does getting to support Numan, the Damned, Chameleons vox, march violets, red lorry yellow lorry.. I could go on but I think that pretty much speaks for itself and that’s just a taster of huge things in the pipeline. Maybe you’d like to blog about some of the positives in the future?


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Thanks for the comment. Support for that list of bands is quite impressive, however, that in itself does not make a great band. But I will of course post about the positives if I see them. In my opinion there were none last Friday. Let me know when the great things are likely to occur and I’ll see what I can do.


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