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“All the words are gonna bleed from me and I will sing no more” May 22, 2012

Matt gets in the posh grub to celebrate the sales of his album. A Fray Bentos each for everyone who bought the album

Matt Cardle has been dropped by Columbia Records and Marcus Collins may follow very soon. In terms of sales they have been the least successful winner and loser respectively. Am I surprised? Not in the slightest. Am I pleased? Only if this is a portent for the death of the X Factor and shows like it.

Columbia drop him and all his 'friends' disappear too. I wonder if he has eaten all those Fray Bentos pies yet?

Of course those conspiracy lovers may say Matt Cardle (or Matt Curdle as I like to call him) was dropped after his comments suggesting that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’. I can’t see that myself, however my theory about Marcus Collins is that if he does get dropped it will be for his awful cover version of the White Stripes classic, “Seven Nation Army“. So as a means of redressing the balance here are Jack and Meg with the original of the song. Enjoy!

The only thing keeping Marcus from being dragged from Columbia records are all the members of his fan club


2 Responses to ““All the words are gonna bleed from me and I will sing no more””

  1. Chris Says:

    The fact that X Factor contestants find it hard to break through and find mainstream chart success is, I believe, an irrelevance and misunderstands the attractions of this type of television and its context. It is important to bear in mind that fans of such shows inevitably enjoy such competitions for their own sake – regardless of the subsequent career paths of the finalists after their obligatory Christmas hit record.
    Remember the talent show format is as old as culture itself, older even than Simon Cowell! The ‘Search for a Star’ convention goes back to the 19th century music hall, and we see this ‘variety’ aesthetic clearly evoked in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – and we don’t expect too much follow up from a dancing dog do we?
    Singing festivals with a prize for the winner have been a staple of European folk culture since the Middle Ages at least. Going back further, the ancient Greek carnivals were substantially built around local talent content, probably with booing and gongs to weed out the deluded amateurs – the long hook from the wings is a brilliant if cruel gimmick of this sort! The strong talent would then go forward to a more ‘serious’ final performance later in the day. Even the Classic Greek dramas of Sophocles, Aristophanes and their peers were all submitted as competition entries to be voted on at what can only be described as a cultural olympics. We need to appreciate the historical roots of this genre of entertainment and how it provides a necessary ‘live event’ ritual viewing in the tv schedule with its odd pop-culture juxtaposition of the sublime ( Leona Lewis) and the ridiculous (Jedward).


    • justwilliam1959 Says:


      firstly thnk you for probably the longest comment in my blogs history! I agree with much of what you say and I do see shows like the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent as Saturday light entertainment, although I believe that many people see the shows, particularly the contestants themselves, as a gateway to fame and wealth. We are living in a world where many people seek fame for fame’s sake. When we were kids you were most likely to be famous because you had a particular talent or skill.
      These shows are like a Twilight Zone version of the Generation Game and others, where the allure of the cuddly toy has been surpassed by 15 minutes of fame and a sack of money. The historical references are excellent and very much appreciated.
      But finaly I have to disagree with you on one point; Leona Lewis? Sublime? Nope I’m not getting that. I think she is an opportunistic shouter who can hold a tune. Probably at the top end of Karaoke performers. I think in 5 to 10 years (or maybe sooner) she will be a staple on those “Where Are They Now” documentaries. I totally agree with the Jedward comment though.


      P.S. here’s a non related question for you. Do you remember QOTU?


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