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“What say you put on that exercise video and I’ll watch you sweat” May 7, 2012

Goldie Lookin’ Chain are back in the news, but probably not for any reason that you might be thinking. Rhys Hutchings aka Zardoz, P.Xain & Dwain Xain Zedong (well they are his personas in the band), has been elected as a local councillor in the St Julians ward of Newport in Wales.

He was announced the winner after three recounts having polled more than 900 votes. His comments were quoted on the NME as “It’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do since my Duke of Edinburgh Award when I was fifteen years old. I’m chuffed to have won and it comes after hard work by my supporters and I’ve got to thank them for that. I can’t wait to help those people that trusted me and voted for me.” I wonder where he will stand on gun law, because as we all know “Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do”

Enjoy some classic cuts from GLC to celebrate Councillor Hutchings win.


“Still I’ll be always laughing like a clown, won’t someone help me?”

According to the UK tabloid the Sun Prince Harry has aspirations to become a reggae DJ. This apparently all stemmed from what has been described as an inspirational meeting with Bob Marley’s widow Rita on his recent visit to Jamaica. He has supplemented his House music vinyl collection with some heavy reggae on vinyl and has taken mixing lessons.

What the bloody hell is Barlow doing in the picture?

Someone needs to sign him up for a club gig, for a Royal he seems to have a good attitude. Coming from me that is high praise indeed. I wished that I hadn’t retired as a mobile DJ, otherwise I’d have offered my help. In fact maybe my life long buddy Glen and I (formerly Bill & Glen the Disco Men) should reform and let Harry join the team. How does Harry, Bill & Glen the Royal Disco Men sound?


“From the family tree of old school hip hop, kick off your shoes and relax your socks” May 4, 2012

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I have some sad news to report, some of you may know this already, Adam Yauch or MCA of the Beastie Boys passed away earlier today. He finally lost his battle with cancer aged just 47. I believe that the Beastie Boys were among a handful of really groundbreaking acts of their generation paving the way for white rap and legions of rock/ rap crossovers.

On top of all that they were also the people who really kick started the awareness and promotion of a free Tibet. They are on the Chinese governments undesirable list. That to me says that they did things really well. Many people will remember Adam and the rest of the group for the controversies of their early years. I will remember them as a classic act who were not afraid to use their position to influence the world around them.

My thoughts are with Adam’s family, friends, fans and especially Mike D and Ad-Rock. Take some time out to enjoy some of my favourite Beastie Boy tracks in memory of Adam Yauch. RIP MCA.



“Princess Leia, where are you tonight and who’s laying there by your side?” May 3, 2012

Today is May 3rd which must mean that tomorrow is Star Wars Day right? Of course it is; May the 4th be with you! I thought I’d celebrate this with a couple of Star Wars related tracks. Notably Ash, they did a cover of Cantina Band as a B Side to their classic single “Girl From Mars“. They also opened their album ‘1977’ with the sound of a TIE Fighter, whilst their label was called Deathstar.

Then there is Blink 182’s “A New Hope” from their ‘Dude Ranch‘ album which I believe is about Princess Leia. Then there is the classic Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip 70s hit “I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper” which mentions Darth Vader in the lyric. And finally you’ll hear “Chewbacca (What A Wookie)” by Supernova a song that was featured on the Clerks soundtrack.


“Who put fifty tons of shit on the Foreign Office roof?”

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Do you ever get the feeling that some days are just going to be crap days? I don’t get that feeling much at all, however yesterday was one of them. I parked my car the usual 5 minute walk from the office and started walking. It was a typical British spring day in that it was bloody cold. So I had my raincoat on with the collar up. Why did I have the collar up? Actually it was to keep the wind off me, although I don’t mind rocking that FBI agent look occasionally. Anyway it turns out I was lucky to have my collar up, for halfway to the office I heard and felt an almighty splash on my shoulder and the back of my neck.

Yes I had been shat on from a great height and judging from the volume of shit it was either a really large bird or a flock that had practised synchronised defecation. But because my collar was up every last drop stayed on my raincoat, otherwise it would have been right down the back of my shirt collar. It was quite obvious that I had been used as a bird toilet (or bird bathroom for my US readers) but still two people stopped me and said “Do you know you’ve got bird shit on you?”

The footnote is that when I arrived back at the car to go home it had been bombed with two of the largest dollops of bird shit I have ever seen. Still I suppose we should be thankful that elephants can’t fly, well apart from Dumbo anyway. Incidentally whilst it was a moderately crappy day for me, it was nowhere near as bad as the birds had perhaps tried to indicate.

So as I have said many times before, so how can I bring this post back to music I hear you ask. relatively easy really, take some time out, especially if you’ve had a shitty day, to enjoy “Pigeons” by Genesis

So yes, let’s be thankful that elephants can’t fly!


“I need excitement oh i need it bad” May 2, 2012

At last work has started on cataloging the music collection of the late, great John Peel. A project called The Space at the John Peel Centre in Stowmarket is aiming to recreate his library and home studio. Details of his 25,000 strong vinyl album collection is being put on-line at the rate of 100 per week in alphabetical order. This has already begun and includes Adam and the Ants and Abba. The website does not allow you play the music but it will give links to places where you will be able to listen to it.

Along with the album covers even Peel’s index cards have been digitized for the project which benefits from Arts Council funding. I am looking forward to watching it grow on-line, although one worrying point is that Arts Council funding only runs until October. By this time it is hoped to have at least 2,600 album details on-line. Click here to check out the rather excellent site.

A few years ago I considered the idea of contacting John Peel and possibly Elton John (who also has a very large music collection) with a view to offering my services as organiser and curator of their music collections. I had a vision that this would also include building a database for the collection. So if you’re reading this Elton please feel free to get in touch. I will be in the crowd when you play the Royal Harrogate Showground next month!

what song should I choose to celebrate such a momentous piece of Peel news? Surely there is only one option right? yes John Peel’s favourite song ever; “Teenage Kicks” by the Undertones.


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