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“And you know I’m so wired up I don’t need any more tea in my cup” July 30, 2012

This post is my 501st, so I thought to myself what can I do to celebrate such a milestone? Actually the 500th post would have been a better one to celebrate but I missed that with all the excitement of the Olympics clouding my view. So is the number 501 meaningful in any way? well yes it is; it’s the score that most darts matches count down from. So does that help me come up with a theme for a celebratory 501st post on this blog? A darts theme on a music blog? Is it possible? Can it be done? Will this idiot stop rambling and get on with it? Well indeed I will. Welcome to my special darts themed post to celebrate issue 501! Let me add that when I say darts-themed I do mean that in the loosest sense possible!

So I thought I’d choose three darts related songs, one to represent each of three darts used in every turn at the oche. With the first dart I have hit, rather obviously, Darts the group. This band had quite a bit of chart action in the late 70s. They had a run of seven consecutive UK top 20 hits from 1977 to 1979. This included three that stalled at number two, sadly this meant they never reached the top spot. Those nearly number ones were; “Come Back My Love”, “The Boy From New York City” and “It’s Raining”, all from 1977. Their cover of the classic “Duke Of Earl” was produced by none other than Roy Wood off of the Move, Electric Light Orchestra and Wizzard. Another glam period connection is that Rob Davis the guitarist from Mud was briefly a Dart. That was before he went on to reach amazing heights as a songwriter including song such as Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. The song I have chosen from Darts is one that also sums up summer so far in the UK this year; “It’s Raining”

For my second dart I am selecting Franz Ferdinand, the band as opposed to the famous Archduke. Their first single was released in 2003 and was called “Darts Of Pleasure“. Interestingly it was released on the Domino label, another popular pub game. Alex Kapranos of the band has said in interviews that the song is actually about seduction and that the darts of pleasure that hit you are in fact words. It was written by Kapranos and band colleague Nick McCarthy. The single peaked at number 44 in the UK charts in 2003. however their follow-up, the festival friendly “Take Me Out” was a smash. It was their biggest UK hit reaching the heady heights of number three. It also made the top twenty in Canada, Ireland and New Zealand, along with a creditable number 66 on the US Billboard chart. So now you can enjoy “Darts Of Pleasure”

For my last dart I had no other option in my opinion other than Dexys Midnight Runners. In 1982 the band released a cover version of Van Morrison’s song in praise of the late, great Jackie Wilson; “Jackie Wilson Said” (I’m In Heaven When You Smile)” The song reached number 5 in the UK charts, Morrison’s version was never a hit in the UK but did make the US top 75. Dexys played the song on the BBC’s Top Of The Pops show in 1982 and the screen behind them displayed a picture of darts player Jocky Wilson rather than supreme soul singer Jackie Wilson. For many years it was thought that this was a cock-up on the part of the Top Of The Pops production team. However Kevin Rowland has subsequently revealed that it was the band who asked for a picture of Jocky Wilson. Apparently they often referred to the song as Jocky and if this is true it just goes to prove that underneath that supposedly serious demeanour Mr Rowland has a damned good sense of humour! So here is my final dart, hitting a double top to win with a classic from Dexys!


“How can you decline such grand designs?” July 26, 2012

So many people will be writing about the Olympics in the coming weeks so I thought I’d get my mention out-of-the-way in advance of the opening ceremony. Personally I have been a little bored with the journey of the Olympic flame, especially after discovering that there are thousands of torches and not just a handful. The constant news stories about the whereabouts of the flame; ‘the flame has now passed through the arse end of nowhere carried by A N other’ have left me completely underwhelmed. How do you feel?

however, the good news is I am really looking forward to the opening ceremony. Has Danny Boyle arranged the weather? Will David Beckham kick a flaming football? Will Olly Murs spontaneously combust to light the flame? I really don’t care, I’m sure it will be one of the most spectacular Olympic openings there have ever been.

Anyway in the spirit of this being a music blog here are a few of appropriate tunes for the Olympics (starting with one of my favourite songs of all time) and while I’m here I want to wish the GB team all the best and I hope they win more medals than they have ever done!

We’re all looking forward to women’s beach volleyball aren’t we?

And finally how about a Billy bonus of another song from the rather excellent and sadly missed Gene!


“It’s got a basket and a bell that rings” July 23, 2012

Big congratulations to Bradley Wiggins who yesterday became the first Brit to win the Tour de France in the whole of its 108 year history. I hope this is an excellent spur for the Olympics too. For most of the Tour Bradley was unassailable, particularly the time trials. But there was also some brilliant team work and support from Team Sky. Even the French seem to have taken to Bradley with some pundits referring to him as Le Wiggo.

Bradley is a big Paul Weller fan apparently and this is a music blog not a cycling blog so here is a Paul Weller song for the talented Mr Wiggins, followed by a few cycling related songs. Enjoy them and feel free to suggest your own bike related music.

“Sunflower” – Paul Weller. I chose this for two reasons; first it’s one of my favourite Weller songs and secondly the sunflower is yellow just like the leader’s jersey in the Tour de France.

“Tour De France” – Kraftwerk. The German auto-bots are big cycling fans and keen cyclists too.

“Bike” – Pink Floyd. A great track, quaintly English and very Syd Barrett

“Bicycle Race” – Queen. This one was probably the obvious choice and who can forget all those naked women on bicycles? I was a teenager at the time, so I couldn’t!


“But I ain’t losing sleep and I ain’t counting sheep” July 18, 2012

Some recent research by Ofcom the UK’s communications industry regulator has provided some really sad news. We now communicate more using text and e mail than we do actually speaking on the phone or face to face. More people interact with each other via texts and social networking sites than speak to each other.

I find that very disappointing. Whilst a lot of my communication at work is via e mail I still regularly use the desk phone or mobile phone. I als prefer to meet someone in person when I can, especially as in most cases they are in the same building as me. Does this news ultimately mean that evolution will lead to human vocal cords shrivelling away and becoming as useful as an appendix?

You can read the news story here on the BBC site. As usual and as I have mentioned many times before this is a music blog so now I need to share some, hopefully appropriate, songs with you. But I should warn you that I have even more sad news……. one of them is by Cliff Richard!

We Don’t Talk Anymore” – Cliff Richard. This was Sir Cliff‘s tenth UK number one and his first since “Congratulations” his Eurovision entry from 1968. It was produced by the Shadows rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch.

“Don’t Speak” – No Doubt. This was the biggest single taken from the bands 1995 album ‘Tragic Kingdom‘ and was a UK number one early in 1997. It reached number one in at least twelve other countries.

It’s Oh So Quiet” – Bjork. The song was written in German and the first English version appears to be by betty Hutton in 1951. But in my opinion Bjork has made it her own!


“See the blind man shooting at the world” July 17, 2012

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Apologies for being a bit slow off the mark with this post but I couldn’t let the passing of one of rock musics true greats go without a mention on this blog. Many of you are no doubt aware that Jon Lord aged just 71 lost his battle with cancer that he had fought for sometime. Leicester born Lord is probably most famous for his role as keyboard player in Deep Purple. he also co wrote many of their biggest songs, including “Smoke On Water” and “Child In Time“. He was one of the co-founders of the band back in 1968 and a constant member along with drummer Ian Paice from 1968 until 1976. Lord’s wife Vickie is the twin sister of Ian Paice’s wife Jackie.

He also played with the Flowerpot Men and Whitesnake. He came to London in the late 50s with an ambition to become an actor and whilst he did get a few bit parts he continued a parallel career as a musician. He was a member of various jazz and blues combos including the Artwoods, who were led by Ronnie Wood‘s older brother. He also played as a session man on a number of recordings, notably “You Really Got Me” the Kinks‘ 1964 UK number one.

Lord was effectively Purple’s leader for their first few years. This can be evidenced by the fact that their first major chart success with “Hush” a cover of a Joe South song doesn’t contain a guitar solo but an organ solo from Jon Lord. He also became a renowned classical composer and worked with some of the best orchestras in the world. My thoughts go out to Jon’s family, friends and many fans around the world. RIP Jon Lord Rock Legend, rock on Jon! I would like to end with some of the words used by his family and friends to announce his death; “Jon passes from Darkness to Light”


“I know a place where you can get away, it’s called a dance floor” July 15, 2012

If you have read, seen or heard the news headlines recently you might be forgiven for thinking that Madonna (aka Her Royal Madgeness) was changing her name to Sue. But don’t worry it’s not true, well not as far as I know at least. But she is currently being sued on at least two fronts.

Madge disses frogs legs, I think!

Firstly she is being sued for the use of a sample from the Salsoul Orchestra‘s “Ooh I Love It (Love Break)” which was released in 1977. Is this something she has used on her current album ‘MDNA’? No it’s apparently sampled on her 1990 smash “Vogue”. It has taken 22 years for VMG who represent the Salsoul Orchestra to figure this out. VMG have claimed that the reason it took so long is that the producer of Madonna’s song, Shep Pettibone deliberately hid the sample. Here is their statement; “The unauthorized sampling was deliberately hidden by [Madonna] within ‘Vogue’ so as to avoid detection. It was only when VMG specifically looked for the sample, with the technology available to it in 2011, that the sampling could be confirmed” VMG served legal papers over the issue last year and again in February of this year.

Marine Le Pen is clearly a big fan of Vogue as she ‘strikes a pose’

The second litigation relates to an image used in her recent Paris show. The video screens showed a picture of the leader of the National Front, France’s far right party, Marine Le Pen with a swastika superimposed onto her face. That image was also closely followed by an image of Adolf Hitler. It wasn’t the first time the images have been used on the MDNA Tour, so clearly it wasn’t contrived just for the Paris gig. I think this one could get quite interesting. What do you think?

This next video proves that Madge needs to nip things in the bud or she’ll end up with a real bum deal!


“I don’t need it don’t need your blah blah” July 11, 2012

It seems that the new leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, has his own song. He doesn’t sing it, but it’s lyrics seem to draw from one of his speeches around the time he became leader. The song is called “Onwards Towards The Final Victory” and as you might expect it is getting significant airplay on the countries radio and TV networks. His father Kim Jong-Il also had a song, his was called “There Is No Motherland Without You“.

The only way is Up!

Personally I find all this a little strange, I mean I know our own British national anthem, which incidentally is far less rousing than Kim Jong-Un’s little tune, is an awful ode to the power of the monarchy, but imagine if all of our Prime Ministers had their own song! So obviously I thought how about finding some possibly appropriate songs for our head public servants. I know that they see themselves as leaders, but actually they are really servants aren’t they?

David Cameron “Running The World” – Jarvis Cocker (Although I’m sure that ‘Call Me Dave’ would prefer “Eton Rifles

Gordon Brown “Jilted John” – Jilted John (Mostly for the ‘Gordon Is A Moron’ line)

Tony Blair – “Liar” – Sex Pistols

John Major – “Fade To Grey” – Visage

Margaret Thatcher – “Bitch” – Rolling Stones

And finally special mention to Nick Clegg “I’m A Winker (Misprint)” – Ivor Biggun and the Red Nosed Burglars

So there you have my selections, how about yours?


“What Happened To The Fambly Cat?” July 2, 2012

Our little cat Betty, or to give her full name, Mrs Betty Slocombe has gone missing. She is also affectionately known as Betty Boo. She is just over a year old and blind in one eye. She has a very sweet nature and has never been gone for more than a couple of hours before. We last saw her on Saturday morning, 30th June. We miss her terribly and can’t help thinking how scared she must be.

We have put leaflets through the doors of about 70 houses, notices on local notice boards and in local shops. we have searched empty properties and walked up and down the riverbank a few times. we have given her details to the RSPCA and Cats Protection and a number of local veterinary practices. She is also the subject of a missing cat advert on gumtree.co.uk (click here to read it) and now has a Facebook group (click here to see that) But as yet we still don’t have her back.

We live in Huntington in York in the UK. If you have any friends in the area please pass this post on to them. People have been incredibly supportive with possible sightings and happy ending stories of their own cats going missing. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has responded so far.

I will certainly keep you updated on progress and will post again when she comes home. I know that this is almost certainly nothing like the pain of having a child go missing, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt. I keep thinking that maybe I didn’t look after her well enough, however stupid that sounds that is how it feels sometimes. I feel like I have let Betty down. Both Catwoman (aka my beautiful wife Catherine) and I are very worried about her and can’t help thinking how scared she probably is. Even her older brother Benny seems out of sorts since she disappeared too. We hope that maybe she has been trapped in an outhouse or shed or something and that it will be opened soon so that she can make her escape.

I have said on many occasions that this is a music blog, so to stick with that I couldn’t really think of anything more appropriate than this excellent piece from Grandaddy; “What Happened ………..?” (Incidentally and sadly Betty is not one of the cats in the video). Betty is one of our Fambly Cats and all of us would like to know where she is and have her come home very soon.


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