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“Turn and face the strange” February 16, 2016


By now most of you will, I am sure, have seen Lady Gaga performing her David Bowie tribute at the Grammy Awards ceremony. Based upon the noise from Bowie fans online it seems to have divided opinions. From those suggesting that it was truly sublime to some deluded souls saying that they wanted to tear Gaga’s eyes out. Frankly the latter option is plainly stupid and those with that view need some urgent therapy!


I like Gaga’s music but having seen her play live a few years ago I felt that she takes pretentiousness to previously uncharted levels. However  I thought her Bowie medley at the Grammy’s was a truly wonderful and fitting tribute to the Dame. Her singing was spot on, the light effects on her face at the start was splendid; dripping paint, spiders and that iconic lightning flash all made an appearance. The band, which included Nile Rogers was perfect. Just think how many of Gaga’s army of Little Monsters might now become a new generation of Bowie fans as a result of this soon to be classic performance. I would love to hear what your  opinion of Gaga does Bowie is. Will the forthcoming tribute to David Bowie at the Brit Awards be better than this? Somehow I doubt it.



Beauty Sleep light up The Dark! February 8, 2016

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Do you like your pop music very slick and very funky? Do you like ear worms and great vocal harmonies? You do? Well in that case you really need to check out the new single from Belfast’s Beauty Sleep. This catchy and classy slice of indie, electro pop heaven is called “The Dark”. It is the type of tune that will brighten you up though, in contrast to it’s title. It is a very impressive début release, especially from a band that has only been in existence for mere weeks!
The band is a three-piece unit made up of Ryan McGroarty, Cheylene Murphy and Aimee Williamson. I am reliably informed that they got together through a bonding experience that involved making up rude words with fridge magnet letters. Now that just makes me like them even more!

The single is released on 19th February and if you don’t buy it, download it, stream it and tell all your friends about it then I expect a note from your parents or guardians explaining why. That had better be on my desk by 20th February at the latest!

Click here to check it out on Soundcloud and don’t forget to let me know what you think of it.



My Wild West – Lissie February 7, 2016

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Lissie - My Wild West

Click here to read my review of Lissie‘s new album on the marvellous subba-cultcha site.




“The trial was a pig circus, he never had a chance” February 3, 2016


The other day I decided to take a quick count of all the artists in my album collection where I have at least 10 albums by a single artist. I included CDs, LPs and cassettes (although the only non compilation cassettes that I have are David Bowie bootlegs). Oh and while I’m on bootleg recordings obviously I have included them whether they are live, studio outtakes or simply unreleased stuff. I have not included digital recordings. I was surprised to find that there are 4o artists where I have at least ten releases by them. The list is below, (artist followed by the number of albums) there are no real surprises for me, are you surprised at any on this list? Have you ever done anything similar? I have also added a song from each of the top ten artists 🙂

David Bowie 141
Bob Dylan 30
Johnny Nash 26
Bruce Springsteen 26
Beatles 25
Neil Young 25
Elton John 19
Bob Marley 19
U2 19
Rod Stewart 18
Pink Floyd 17
REM 17
Elvis Costello 15
The Eels 15
Prince 15
Paul Weller 15
Ryan Adams 14
Led Zeppelin 14
Madonna 14
The Clash 13
Elvis Presley 13
Radiohead 13
Kate Bush 12
Oasis 12
Lou Reed 12
Stevie Wonder 12
Morrissey 11
Tom Waits 11
ZZ Top 11
Jeff Buckley 10
Julian Cope 10
Johnny Cash 10
Michael Jackson 10
John Lennon 10
Manic Street Preachers 10
Kylie Minogue 10
Iggy Pop 10
Rolling Stones 10
Frank Turner 10
The Who 10


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