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“A Song For You” – Carol Hodge May 16, 2020

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You may have listened to my recent interview with Carol Hodge, if not then click here to give it a spin. Carol has written a truly beautiful song which for me goes some way to really capturing how many of us are feeling in these strange and often dark days of Covid-19, it is called “A Song For You”, take a look at the rather excellent video. The video is either enhanced or marred by an appearance from me, personally, I think enhanced but I will leave you to be the judge of that. I am on fleetingly at around the 59-second mark. But it is a clever video for a stunning emotional song. You can also buy Carol’s brilliant new album “Savage Purge”, just click here, you know you want to! As a bonus, just to tempt you, I have included the video for “Stop Worrying Baby” from that very album! That one was shot and completed just before lock down. If you have not listened to Carol before, then you really should, it is simply pure classy music!

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