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Mayhem Virgins – The Everly Pregnant Brothers May 28, 2019

I love discovering great new bands or sometimes great bands that are new to me. Well, the wonderfully named Everly Pregnant Brothers are new to me and that is why they are the next act to feature in the Mayhem Virgins series.  They are about to celebrate their tenth, yes tenth, anniversary with a headline show at Fibbers in York on June 1st. Their brand of twisted Yorkshire parody and comedy is truly unique and bloody hilarious and I am so disappointed that I have only just discovered them. But the voyage of discovery through their back catalogue and YouTube videos has frankly put me in an even more positive mood than usual! A band that makes amusingly clever covers (obviously with comedic lyrics) of classics is the sort of thing that would appeal to me, but a band whose main instruments are ukeleles and a kazoo would normally not be my thing. But the Everly Pregnant brothers make that combination work, even for me.

The band formed in Sheffield after a drunken dare by Pete Mckee and Richard Bailey in 2009. The success of the dare prompted the
pair to draught in a bunch of disparate chaps who had three things in common, the love of beer, ukuleles and having a laugh. Pete Mckee stated in a recent interview that “We weren’t supposed to last ten days! We originally got together for a one-off gig and the buggers insisted
we carry on…”  Frontman Shaun Doane added, “I can honestly say I didn’t think any further than the first two shows we ever did, it was already fun and I hoped it would continue but I was quite prepared to do those two shows at Art in the Gardens and then go back to my musical retirement home!” Well, I for one am eternally grateful that this lot never returned to that musical retirement home. Bring on the next ten years, please. Take a listen now to some ace and rib-splitting covers from many serious artists including some of Sheffield’s finest such as the Human League and Pulp. My current favourites are “No Oven, No Pie” and “Chav World”. Click here to check them out on Spotify.

Public service announcement: all the pictures and videos were sourced via Google and YouTube. If any of them are yours and you would like a credit or want them removed please let me know.

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Mayhem Virgins – Von Kaiser May 6, 2019

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From Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA comes a band that is brand new to us here at With Just A Hint Of Mayhem and therefore entitled to appear in the Mayhem Virgins series they are called Von Kaiser and they are pretty damned good at what they do. What they do is classy synthwave that can just as easily grace a club, a film soundtrack or just listening. Last years “Dead By Dawn” I understand sets out to pay homage to supremely talented Director George A Romero. In the process it also shows, for me, how much Von Kaiser love Giorgio Moroder and to be fair don’t we all.

David M, Jake V and Kaylin H all contribute their skills on keys and vocals while David also plays some pretty decent guitar. Their new album ‘Landline’ is out now and it wears its pop-rock, synth, electro heart on its sleeve. It definitely has influences drawn from the second British Invasion which included Soft Cell, Duran Duran, OMD and Depeche Mode. But on tracks like “Jetpacks” (which is currently my favourite followed closely by “ETA”)  there is a touch of 80s AOR, while the vocals on “Armitage” could come from Panic At The Disco. But while I can hear a number of influences Von Kaiser are definitely an original band with a crisp, fresh sound that merits a wide audience. An earlier single and the title track from the album “Landline” has an almost spooky hook and makes good use of some telephone samples. The lyrics are very clever and “Landline” speaks of a massive snowstorm in which “The flakes look like falling stars, between the cars”. Is that not a beautiful use of words in a lyric? Genius! “Crystal Lake” might be a long lost OMD tune, but it is also of the 21st century.

Von Kaiser know their 80s stuff, the album has a strong 80s feel and their Bandcamp bio says “Von Kaiser is a collection of four musicians who don’t just want to remember the music and movies of the 80s, they want to celebrate it”. They certainly embrace it and celebrate it in style that makes you want to get out and party. The band were formed as recently as last year, which makes their new record even more of a great achievement. Listening to it I felt that this was a band that had been together a lot longer than that. I believe that Von Kaiser are one of my new favourite bands, can we get them to the UK sometime soon please?



Mayhem Virgins – Notorious Lightbulbs March 25, 2019

This is another post in the occasional Mayhem Virgins series of artists that are brand new to those of us who squat in the palatial squalor of Mayhem Towers. This time it is the turn of the wacky, punky combo known as Notorious Lightbulbs from the North East of England. The band is essentially a duo made up of Diego Wilde and Crystal Miss. They often collaborate with Danny ‘The Rain’ Allinson and he played or programmed all the drums on their new EP. It was absolute Twitter chance that I came across them after they liked and commented on a recent tweet from me about “Starz In Their Eyes” by Just Jack. I was hotly attracted by their marvellous, magical and magnificent song titles; “Sicadilly Pircus”, “Voodoo Stripper Junkie” and “Mountweazle” to name just a few. But song titles alone don’t make a great band do they? You have to be able to back it up with style, talent, pizazz and great tunes. Notorious Lightbulbs tick all the boxes on that score. Their new EP ‘Captain Mechanical’ is staggeringly good and deserves massive commercial success. Click here to check it out on Spotify.

The four track EP opens with the aforementioned “Voodoo Stripper Junkie” which slams into you like a runaway ten ton truck. This is perhaps the finest song about some kind of stripper since Mansun’s “Stripper Vicar”. It kicks off with a barrage of heavy punk style fuzzy riffs backed by some supremely tight drumming. There is a feel of early Arctic Monkeys here for me, although this has more punch and more electronica than those Sheffield lads did. The guitar solos could have stepped out of any number of 70s classic rock songs. There is an orchestral disco feel to “Far Out” somewhat akin to the Scissor Sisters and even M of “Pop Muzik” fame. The synth shapes on this stay with you long after the song is over. What can I say about “Mountweazle”? It is a splendorous mountain of a song which features a great vocal from Diego, perhaps the best on the EP, although that is a tough competition. I am ecstatically in love with the harmonies on closing track “Make Believe” especially the brief a capella moments.

Notorious Lightbulbs maintain a great air of mystery and are apparently never seen without their steampunk style glasses and hats. Rumour has it that they started life as a part of a creative group named ‘The Notorious Lightbulb Factory’ that wrote music for low-budget horror movies. As well as the new EP click here to check out some of their earlier material on SoundCloud. If you listen to this band and do not almost immediately love them then I suggest you check into hospital to have your musical taste operated on.


Mayhem Virgins – Pop Noir November 27, 2018

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This is the second in a series of posts about artists that are completely new to the With Just A Hint Of Mayhem Blog. Just because we have only just heard of them doesn’t mean they are new to you. But whether they are or not we would love to hear your thoughts. The series is called Mayhem Virgins. Incidentally With Just A Hint Of Mayhem is now available on FaceBook and Twitter.

This time it is the turn of the delightfully chilled Pop Noir who we discovered via the Twitter-verse. Pop Noir were formed in Los Angeles in 2004 by the then 16 year old British born twins Joe and Luke McGarry. they are the offspring of cartoonist and illustrator Steve McGarry who has designed record sleeves for iconic acts such as Joy Division and John Cooper Clarke. So not only have they been steeped in music history they have also inherited the artistic streak from their father as both Luke and Joe are designers and illustrators themselves. They released their debut single “DIY” in 2009 and they have released many songs since then. Their latest single, “White Jazz” is available now and has a rather wonderful video filmed in Tokyo. It is a sublime slice of epic electro chill out with an infectious feel good vibe. The band have a really chilled out electro sound which for me is reminiscent of the Beloved and the Groove Corporation. Have you heard of Pop Noir before or not? Either way we would love to hear what you think of them!

Public Service Announcement:  This blog post is not linked in any way to any company associated with Richard Branson’s Virgin empire or the sweater wearing tycoon personally!


Mayhem Virgins – September Sky November 17, 2018

This is the first in a series of posts about artists that are completely new to the With Just A Hint Of Mayhem Blog. Just because we have only just heard of them doesn’t mean they are new to you. But whether they are or not we would love to hear your thoughts. The series will be called Mayhem Virgins (there is no link to any company associated with Richard Branson’s Virgin empire!). Incidentally With Just A Hint Of Mayhem is now available on FaceBook and Twitter.

The first act to feature in this new series are all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana in the USA and they are called September Sky. If you like your metal heavy and your rock hard then this band are for you. They have a collection of riffs that would challenge any other metal band. If you are a fan of Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Trivium and the like then you will certainly love September Sky. Their classy riff-laden, harmonic sonic assault called “Fallacy” gets into your head from first listen and the video for that song is pretty darned good too.  September Sky is; Scott Bernhardt – Vocals, Larry Craig – Guitar, Scott Rainey – Lead Guitar, Kevin Rickett – Bass
and Becket Weir – Drums. Their bio says that they have ‘made it a priority to write original tunes that empower and inspire its audience to conquer all that is life’. I reckon they are well on the way to achieving that! You can contact them on Facebook and Twitter

Are you a fan? Tell us what you think of September Sky!


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