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Meet the Team January 22, 2009

From February 2009 until September 2018 this blog was, in the words of Leo Sayer, a “One Man Band”. The first member in addition to me, Bill, was Tom Ray who joined the blog as a reviewer in 2018. Then in 2019, we were joined by another reviewer and writer, Phil Marsland. January 2020, and then there were four! My good friend Andy Golborne has joined the team. Now we are joined by Paul Bamlett a self-confessed music nut. Now we are five! This lot are like me music fanatics! We look forward to giving you lots of interesting stuff to check out, listen to and watch! Always with just a small hint of mayhem, obviously!

Bill Adamson – With Just A Hint Of Mayhem Blog Founder, Writer & Reviewer

I am a 61-year-old bloke from the UK who is old enough to know better but clearly doesn’t.

Music has been one of my passions for many years. I bought my first single, “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies when I was just 10 years old in 1969. The first gig I ever saw was the Jackson 5 way before Michael even knew what plastic surgery was back in November 1972. I am also a retired Mobile DJ and I read a lot too. Does everyone have a novel within them? Maybe, but with me, it’s probably just wind 😉

I live in York in the UK with my wife Catherine aka Catwoman (she is not so protective of her secret identity any more), our three cats; Benny the Ball, Mrs Betty Slocombe and Poppy and our cute little dog Ziggy Jones. (She was named before Mr Bowie sadly passed away ok, I’m weird, just not that weird!)

My heroes are David Bowie, Stephen King, Johnny Nash, Bob Marley, Joe Strummer, Levi Stubbs, Douglas Coupland, Stan Lee, Frances Farmer,Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Kate Bush, Gillian Anderson (ok Gillian may not be a heroine to me, but let’s just say I find her attractive!) and of course the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four. Tragically many of my heroes are no longer with us, maybe that is just a sign of me getting old.

In January 2020 I promoted my first gig. It was for the great York-based charity, SASH who support young people facing homelessness. It was at the Crescent in York and featured three excellent York bands; The Receivers, My Wonderful Daze and Lost Trends. It was an amazing night which means that there will be more on the promotion side of things. Watch this space!

I work as a Programme Manager, but let’s face it that’s pretty boring so, “Nuff Said”

I started this blog back in February 2009 and I still appreciate all your comments and encouragement.

Those of you who don’t know much about me can find out just how warped I really am here https://www.facebook.com/bill.adamson.581

My Music Quiz (go on give it a try…….you know you want to!) http://my.funtrivia.com/tournament/Bills-Music-Trivia-Challenge-86650.html

Paul Bamlett – With Just A Hint Of Mayhem Writer & Reviewer

It started with Slade in 72 and then took a wild left turn into Alice Cooper who I have seen more than 20 times since. If I am not listening I am playing. I started on piano playing versions of Fripp/Eno tracks and then I served in the punk wars, watching Siouxsie, Wayne County and the Passions amongst many others while writing our own stuff and even recording some of it

All the time Bowie and the Velvets are playing in the background. Watched so many bands, taste is very what they call eclectic, Radiohead and Metallica anyone? I love and live for music and can bore anyone to beyond tears. I like Jazz, punk, funk, metal, glam, mod,  basically anything with soul and an interesting rhythm. Back playing bass again now with a fantastic singer and guitarist in a band called Tranquility Beach hoping to go places and I think they will. Also working on some fab tribute band concerts during the summer. Its all music and I like to hear and feel as much as possible.

Andy Golborne – With Just A Hint Of Mayhem Writer & Reviewer

What’s my age again? Mid 50’s or thereabouts. Old enough anyway for my the first record I ever bought to have been Blockbuster by The Sweet and first live experience to have been AC/DC at the Liverpool Empire in November 1979 (supported by a not much older than me bunch of lads -Def Leppard). Lots of Queen singles followed the Sweet purchase and lots and lots of rock bands followed AC/DC. But I mainly became obsessed with Rush and Yes. As you do. I was unfortunate though to have done my growing up in the 1980s: the decade where all music and fashion went to die. But being from the Wirral the short train journey to Liverpool did provide me with easy access to the Empire, Royal Court and the Uni, and a huge number of fantastic gigs by bands who wholly avoided being shit throughout that horrible time for us all. Plus there was the actually bloody awful but local Deeside Leisure Centre for the bigger bands, and then thankfully the NEC arena opened and they ran coaches from the Royal Court.

Bands I’ve seen most? Rush I think, and the wonderful Tragically Hip. The Hip I reckon provided me with several of my favourite (definitely most emotional…) gig experiences, although U2 Joshua Tree tour at the NEC I think comes top of the pile, maybe equal with Bruce Springsteen at Hyde Park … and Queen at Elland Road for Hot Space. And Midnight Oil at Manchester Apollo late last year which was a proper bucket list show (and viewed from a position of actually leaning on the front of the stage). Oh, and Prince at the O2: he was the man,
Gigs I wish I’d seen are many but the top would probably be the mighty Van Halen in their prime in the early 80s in the USA.
Big fan of the Latitude festival which has become an annual pilgrimage and a chance to see a huge variety of great music as well as comedy, poetry and a whole load of other marvellous stuff.

Last few gigs include a Frank Turner album launch at the Brudenell; a stunning Kate Tempest show at a tiny Leeds venue; Dweezil Zappa and band with Bill in Leeds Townhall and Ian McNabb in a converted barn at Appletreewick.
So yes. I like to think I have a reasonably eclectic taste but generally prefer things loud and with guitars.
Other stuff. I like cycling … a lot … and do the occasional triathlon. Cinema? Yes. Reading? Yes – I do that too. – all sorts. I like the outdoors and in particular things on snow: snowboarding of late. I did return to skateboarding for a while recently but that seriously is far too fecking dangerous for anyone of “advancing years”.
Heroes? Too many great musicians, writers and other creative types to list. My other (better) half, my friends and my kids are my favourite heroes though for putting up with me.

Phil Marsland – With Just A Hint Of Mayhem Writer & Reviewer

My rock was awakened as a schoolboy in Lincolnshire in the late 70s, listening to Bon Scott, Rush and Alice Cooper. Favourites added included Sabbath, Whitesnake and Jim Hendrix.

For many of my adult/married years, I forgot my first love, but in 2015 I rediscovered my vinyl and my best buddy from school and we’ve been smashing it out of the park since then. Vinyl purchases are out of hand, and gigs and festivals have taken us to the exotic heights of York, Leeds, Manchester and Grimsby. Festivals of Ramblin Man and Stonedead, and a little jaunt to Whisky a GoGo on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles to see LA Guns have all been highlights. We’ve seen ACDC, Sabbath, Rival Sons, ZZTop, Halestorm, Skindred, Alice Cooper, The Cult and many more including a bunch of fun tribute acts.

Our Rockin’ Odyssey will never die, although we may need an occasional camp chair.

Tom Ray – With Just A Hint Of Mayhem Writer & Reviewer

I am a music obsessive from York who plays synthesisers in a band (Nauseous Skies), ukulele and guitar in my spare room and write about indie and electronic music in my pyjamas. I also produce weirdo electronic music as Home Taper. I have a beard.

My favourite band is probably Radiohead, though a few others are constantly jostling for the top spot in my brain. Mainly Sonic Youth, Pavement and Grandaddy. The best gig I’ve ever attended was The Flaming Lips in 2006 and my most recent by a well-known band was Wire in 2017.

I read a lot, mainly Science Fiction, music journalism and poetry. My favourite books are the Manifold Space trilogy by Stephen Baxter. I also enjoy Terry Pratchett, Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton, Boris & Arkady Strugatsky and Stephen King (underrated as a Sci-fi writer in my opinion). My favourite music journalist is Robert Christgau and my favourite poet is David Berman.

My personal blog, Home Taping Is Saving Music



31 Responses to “Meet the Team”

  1. vik Says:

    wow! can’t believe i’m the first to leave a comment here!!! anyway, blog looks pretty damn good!!! keep up with the trivia, i’m learning more and more each day!!! and as weird as he is, good to see a bit about mr. george o’dowd!!! it’s a bit strange, but his songwriting with culture club is actually very good… those are examples of perfect pop songs, (imho)… anyway, keep up the good wurk!!! i’ll checking back here everyday!!!!


  2. Terry Wright Says:

    We’ll build a glass asylum…

    The title of your blog just stopped me in my tracks. I was watching blog after blog flow by via condron and there it was. Lyrics from what I consider the best album ever made. You’ve got my attention.


    • justwilliam1959 Says:


      thanks for the comment. I’m sure some readers thought I was just trying to be wacky in some way. But you hit the nail right on the head. Diamond Dogs is my all time favourite Bowie album and I have them all! I’ve been a fan since 1972 and I’ve seen him 8 times. Funnily enough I almost called the blog Glass Asylum, you’d have guessed thta one as well though!




  3. Mandy Says:

    I know now why I liked you instantly! This is good stuff, keep it up!


  4. gay topsom Says:

    hi Bill, Thanks for being so kind there,,,, i am sure you could have said more, by the way what car do you drive……XXXXX


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      wow what can I say? I have occasionally mentioned people from the past in my posts kind of hoping for a response eventually but I usually don’t get one. But then I mention you in a post and I get a reply less than 48 hours afterwards. It really was a wonderful surprise. How did you find it so quickly?

      As for mentioning more, my dear Gay I am a gentleman 😉

      Anyway how the devil are you? I’ll e mail you later if that’s ok

      As for the car, well now I drive a sleek black Limo………….. did I say Limo? I meant Volvo V50, it is sleek and black though, not one of those old box shaped Volvos



      • gay topsom Says:

        Well i saw the your post the next day you wrote it. I was actually looking for my facebook, i still have no idea why i typed my name in, then saw your page. I was so shocked that anyone had written something about me. Well my kids and friends have had a good laugh about what you had written, but like i said to them you have now forgiven me, which is good,THANKs It was a friend who said i should mail you, about the car, i hope you took it as a joke,,, i guess you did. Well good luck with the writing. and i am sooooo jealous you went to Reading, hoping to go next year, only if i can VIP tickets,,,,dont think i could use those loos.. xxxxxx


  5. Bee Says:

    Was originally browsing through to look at pictures and am definitely interested in following your blog. You have some good insights into some classic music that I wish I knew more about. Keep up the good posts!


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like the blog. I checked out your website earlier too. You have some great artwork there 🙂


  6. Bruce Ramsi Says:


    Really loved your blog and description as well 🙂 For me, music is my life as well, and that is why I started my blog, in this case, http://www.muzikablog.com. Would you mind exchanging links? Contact me on bruce@muzikablog.com.

    keep it up


    • justwilliam1959 Says:


      thanks for the excellent comment. I have read some of your blog posts too and have added yours to my blog roll. I love the post about the Who! Their Quadraphenia album is still one of my favourite albums.

      You’ve got a good blog going on!




  7. P. Dodd Says:

    I am the present headteacher of Ryefield School. I bumped into the website by chance – actually the picture. It is our 50th anniversary, visit our website there will soon be lots of historical pictures. If you have any positive stories or memories, let me know.


  8. Mihai Says:

    Hello, I like your blog. And I think we have something in common, our love for David Bowie. He’s on the same level with the Beatles for me, my favorite album is Low, but most of him albums are great.

    My blog is mostly about indie music, but I write about all quality music. I write personal stuff on it too. It’s not always easy as my first language is not English, but I enjoy it.

    Maybe you want to exchange links? I already added your blog in my list. 🙂


  9. jay Says:

    did your cousin Deborah Schofield live in the Hounslow/Isleworth area and pass about 11 or 12 years ago now with an embolism ? Forgive me if the wrong person, but if not, would love to speak to you as she was a dear dear friend !


  10. Hi,

    Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I’ve linked to one of your images on my blog, check it out at dailyfarce.blogspot.com, if you want it removed, just let me know. Anyway, thanks alot, I’m enjoying your blog too.


  11. zemanta Says:

    Hey, we saw your post in WP.com’s forum and since the thread is already closed, we thought we could reach you through your blog, right here!

    The thing is, Zemanta unfortunately doesn’t work in the WordPress’s default Dashboard anymore, but can be easily re-installed via our browser extension.

    It comes with all the features you’re already used to (images, in-text links, related posts & tags) and is really easy to set it up. Just follow the link to our downloads page and install the appropriate extension for your browser.

    Here’s the link: http://zem.si/PqCSDD

    And please do let me know how it goes or if you have any more questions what-so-ever, since I’ll be more than glad to help you out!

    Here’s my email address: support[at]zemanta[dot]com

    Take care & I’m looking forward to your reply!



  12. carissamaria Says:

    I share the same passion for music, can’t go trough a single day without my heroes 🙂 and I use to say that music is like breathing to my soul. The best medicine and, sometimes, the only cure when rainy days seem endless. Your blog is captivating, I’m reading it, enjoying both the music and your excellent writing style.
    Thank you for following my blog, I’m honored and I feel blessed for discovering your written voice!
    Best regards,


  13. Thom Hickey Says:

    Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you will enjoy the wide variety of music covered and some entertaining writing. I welcome comments from readers. I usually post on a weekly basis. If it has been a while since you last visited come on over and see what’s new! Regards and good luck with all your projects. Thom.


  14. Sheryl Gim Says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for joining me!
    Great blog! 🙂


  15. Kevin Woodruff Says:

    Hi guys
    How do you we get songs to you for reviewing?


  16. Edd Donovan Says:


    Hope this finds you well, and curious for music new.

    Really excited to be releasing my 3rd studio album on 19/11/19 (as an independent release this time).

    Wondered how best I might get my music and press release to you?

    Best wishes, and thanks



  17. Hello ,

    We have loads of great bands on roster and all have great music coming out if you would like to be on our mailing list for reviews etc please feel free to drop me an email


    Liked by 1 person

  18. Pamela Marston Says:


    Just wanted to say love your reviews that arrive by email and really like the obvious genuine interest and passion you have for music. Definitely brightens my week and that is saying something this year!!😃👍


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