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A Christmas Message From PERCY December 20, 2021

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For the second year in a row, those West Yorkshire Superheroes PERCY have sent all the readers of With Just A Hint Of Mayhem a Christmas message.

Here is what they have to say! “Happy Christmas everyone and a hard-rockin’ New Year from Percy. Live opportunities were rare for us in 2021 and we want to thank all the venues and punters who braved the circumstances to keep the live music scene in York alive. We are a busy bunch and as well as putting in the hours growing our hair long we have managed to get together and write a brand new album that we plan to bring to you in the early Spring. It is a fast-paced set probably reflective of us all being wound up tight all 2021… The working title is ‘Chunks’ which is about living in a big pie. Yep, a big pie. That is Percy for you.

You can have a listen in to that track live recorded in October at the Crescent by clicking here a few other new tunes from that set on the channel too.

have an awesome New Year everyone.

Follow PERCY on Twitter for news of the release and gigs @percybanduk

You can listen to and buy Vinyl and CDs at the PERCY Bandcamp site, just click here!

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