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‘It’s Been A Pleasure’ EP – Hazy Janes April 8, 2022

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The long-awaited Hazy Janes EP arrived this week, it is titled ‘It’s Been A Pleasure’ and it is a swashbuckling, rifftastic, loud sonic assault on the senses. But this is a good assault! The title track kicks off proceedings and Ellis and Bron come on like a two-man Led Zeppelin or Free. This song oozes blues-rock power through a swamp rock sieve and Ellis’s voice is on fire. It has an undertow of dark menace and at times the riff sounds like a demonic metal view of the Dr. Who theme. Meanwhile, Bron’s drumming encompasses everything great about British Rock with some great glam and metal drum sounds. Next up “Loaded Gun” kicks off with some eloquent blues harmonica before moving into an excellent rollicking bluesy stomp. I love the chorus hook line of “I’ve got a mouth like a loaded gun”, I am sure that many of us can relate to that! Track three is “I Find It Hard” which veers towards an electric take on the classic blues of Robert Johnson through its slow-rolling swagger. Vocals from Ellis on this tune are at his most soulful. The collection closes with “Bernadette”, not a cover of the Four Tops classic, but a mountainous original rock epic. It owes a small debt to the Yardbirds during their Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page peaks. After a few listens this is probably my favourite song on the EP. I can see this becoming a real Hazy Janes anthem in their live set. The guitar licks and particularly the drumming on “Bernadette” took me back to Dr. Feelgood in their mid to late 70s prime. Channeling Wilko Johnson and John “The Big Figure” Martin perfectly. If you love great rock music, (and who doesn’t?) get this release and this band in your head as soon as possible, like NOW! Click here to stream the EP on Spotify. There are still a handful of dates left on their Spring Tour, check out the poster below.

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