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‘Get Out Of My Mind’ EP – Symphony Of Sweden March 1, 2023

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Swedish rockers Symphony Of Sweden released rather good albums in 2021 and 2022 and while they don’t have a new one ready just yet they wanted to surprise fans with a new four-track EP, called ‘Get Out Of My Mind’. It rocks like an absolute bastard and if it fails to move you or fails to make you move then check your pulse, you might be dead. “Get Out Of My Head” is a song about lost love, but it’s not a soft song, it is full of bad passion as it shows a protagonist that is wrought by not being able to forget a lover that no longer wants to be their lover. It has some towering melodies and hooks and the vocals overflow with passion. The riffs on “Down And Counting” carry more power than Thanos did when he used the Infinity Gauntlet. The verses reminded me of Europe, but with a harder edge. “Just Let It Bleed” is another track about pain driven from, perhaps, more unrequited love. This is a masterclass on marrying magnificent metal sounds to some awesome orchestration and the backing vocals bring a feel of metal gospel to proceedings. The EP closes with “Lay Them Down (A Broken Son’s Cry)”, a beautiful track about the worthlessness of war and how easy it seems for young lives to be wasted. A very poignant tune in the context of what the world is like right now. Take a lyric like “When will it end. They’re serving in hell. When will this madness end?” If pushed I would have to say that “Lay Them Down” is probably my favourite track on the EP, but there is not a bad one here. Take a listen and check out the band’s albums, you won’t regret it.

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