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Introducing A New Mayhem Writer And A New Mayhem Series August 20, 2022

Filed under: Butchering The Sacred Cows — justwilliam1959 @ 12:45 pm

This is an exciting moment for me. We have a new writer joining the With Just A Hint Of Mayhem team for what I hope will be a long-running but very controversial series of articles. The content may lead to a lot of abuse and negativity, so the new writer will be using a pen name, Buffy Frobisher Smythe Esquire. Check out Buffy’s profile on the ‘Meet The Team’ page. Buffy requested this mission, and the task is to take apart the deities of rock. All the big names will be included eventually if we can continue through the volume of likely complaints, moans, hurt feelings, and whinges. The series will be titled ‘BUTCHERING AND BURNING ROCK MUSIC’S SACRED COWS’. I understand from Buffy that a “crappy little beat combo from Liverpool” will be the first on Buffy’s Butcher’s block. I am very nervous about this, but at the same time, I can’t wait! Are we 4 real with this? Are we taking the piss? We will let you be the judge of that. I will close this post by wishing Buffy all the luck in the world, they’re gonna need it! Buffy has thick skin, a hard hat, chain mail underwear, and a transplanted rhino horn for protection.

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