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“Faith” – Airport Impressions September 2, 2019

Airport Impressions are a Maltese rock band formed more than ten years ago. They began as a duo between Errol Sammut and Johann Schembri, later the pair were joined by Chris Curmi and Steve Farrugia and are now cited by many as the best band ever to emanate from the small Mediterranean island. Recently, Errol has also released a solo track, ‘Burton’s Song’, to raise awareness for autism, with all song sale proceeds donated to Autism Foundations around the world. So it is clear they are experienced and they care, but just how good are they? Well personally I can only judge them on their new single “Faith” and it is a gorgeous slice of passionate, emotional rock music. The playing and production is spot on and the lyrics are uplifting and hopeful. The song is anthemic in the way that U2’s greatest songs have been and it is full of hooks that wouldn’t be out of place on a Killers song. The accompanying video is understated excellence that fits really well with this staggeringly good tune. If you like “Faith”, and why wouldn’t you, then check out some of Airport Impressions other tunes; “Walk With Me” and “Hymns Of June” are particularly classy. If Airport Impressions happen to be playing live in the UK anytime soon I would be very keen to see them!

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