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The Mayhem Monthly Top 20 Artist Chart – August 2022 September 16, 2022

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The Mayhem Artist Top 20 artist chart for August 2022 is here. Apologies for this one being a little late. Many of you know that I am a keen user of a site called Obscurify. It claims to tell you how obscure your listening on Spotify is. Compared to the rest of the UK I achieved a level of only 95% more obscure than other users in the UK this month, the same as for July. Although my obscure overall percentage remains at 99%! Regular readers will know that it also lists my most obscure artists, which currently are;

Promethium (The British metal titans are stalwarts of my obscure listening)

Vaquelin (One of York’s finest young rock bands!)

Bonnie Mai (talented UK singer who I met at Leeds Festival last month. She is also the latest artist to feature in our Mayhem Virgins series) Check out the rather wonderful video for her track, “Slush Papi” below.

Lynx Deluxe – (This talented anglo American band also featured in the Mayhem Virgins series recently)

Teenage Tom Petties – (A relatively new band with perhaps one of the best band names for some time. They recently released their eponymously titled album on Safe Suburban Home Records)

As for the August Top 20, It is the first time since this artist chart began back in January 2021 that David Bowie hasn’t appeared. Only Eminem (at number 16 for both July and August) and Captain Ska (up to number 4 from 7 last month) remain from last month. Tom Waits makes it to number one for August followed closely by Lynx Deluxe who also feature in the obscure list. Jenny Lin, a Taiwanese-born American classical pianist, sits at number three. Yes, I do occasionally get a little highbrow. I heard her playing some gorgeous piano on some Philip Glass compositions. Captain Ska are at number 4, I suggest that you check out their new album. Check out the full chart below. There are quite a few classic and very well-known artists including Arctic Monkeys (5), Lou Reed (6), Eagles (10) and, Jarvis Cocker (14). African Prog is represented by Osibisa at number 8. As well as Lynx Deluxe from the obscure list both Bonnie Mai and the Teenage Tom Petties are in the chart at numbers 12 and 11 respectively. The Teenage Tom Petties label mates on Safe Suburban Home Records, R E Seraphin are in at number 17. Some of my favourite female artists including Lily Allen, Lauryn Hill and, Little Jackie all make the top 20. Little Jackie’s new EP is ace. Making up the 20 there are some classy British acts which include Pale Waves, the Divine Comedy, Super Furry Animals and, Richard Hawley. I really would love to hear your thoughts on this chart. Please keep your eyes open for the sixth Mayhem Monthly Song Chart, just like an old-school top 20 singles chart! That one includes songs by four of the artists featured in the August Artist Chart.

As for the August Top 20,

1 Tom Waits
2 Lynx Deluxe
3 Jenny Lin
4 Captain Ska
5 Arctic Monkeys
6 Lou Reed
7 Lily Allen
8 Osibisa
9 Ms. Lauryn Hill
10 Eagles
11 Teenage Tom Petties
12 Bonnie Mai
13 Pale Waves
14 Jarvis Cocker
15 The Divine Comedy
16 Eminem
17 R.E. Seraphin
18 Super Furry Animals
19 Richard Hawley
20 Little Jackie

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