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“Staring at the stars that shine tonight” June 22, 2009

As many of you regular readers are aware my son is in a great band called Steal The Smile. You will also recall that I have often given mucho plugs for them and today is no exception. They have just put some new tracks up on their MySpace page. A song called “What Would Elvis Do?” which is, let’s make no bones about it……… the dogs bollocks or for those of you with a more genteel disposition perhaps the cat’s pyjamas! Either way it’s bloody good! So click here to go take a listen, you can also hear some superb excerpts from their forthcoming new EP

They have a new single out on 2nd July it’s called “Rome Was Built To Burn” if you don’t buy it the moment it’s released you better send me a note with a damned good reason why not………….. I know where you live. But seriously if you like their stuff go buy a CD or download, you won’t regret it. You WILL be reminded again nearer the time too.

They will also have new pics, videos and merchandise coming your way soon so save your pennies and buy, buy, buy!!!

Steal the Smile - Oli, Henry, Johnny & Luke

Steal the Smile - Oli, Henry, Johnny & Luke

They are playing a number of gigs soon so if you can make it get yourself along to one or all of them even if you have to sell your grandparents (well ok I am not recommending that) but do get yourself to one of the gigs

July 2nd Face Bar in Reading – headlining – launch of the new single

July 3rd Sweatbox in Wantage – headlining

July 18th The Net – Abingdon

So check these boys out and let them know what you think of them!

Steal The Smile go black and white


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