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MV Rachel Corrie June 4, 2010

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MV Rachel Corrie

OK I have said many times before that this is a music blog and largely it is. However this post is definitely not music related and that is something that I will make no apology for. Please read it and the blog post on the link and pass this on far and wide.

Many of you will have seen the news footage or read the papers regarding the Israel attack on the peaceful flotilla taking aid to Palestine on Monday and resulting in the loss of at least nine innocent lives. The usual Israeli disinformation followed as inevitably as night follows day.

The Irish vessel, MV Rachel Corrie (named after the activist who died in Palestine at the hands of Israeli demolition squads) is still on its way to the blockade area. Once it arrives later today the only news you will probably hear will come from Israeli sources. Obviously this will be completely biased

A fellow blogger has put together a great and thought-provoking post on the MV Rachel Corrie’s journey, please read it and if the inevitable attack happens later today contact your MP, Senator, Congressman or whatever elected official you can and tell them that you wish your country to take the strongest action against Israel for what at best is international bullying and at worst is murder plain and simple

What I don’t understand is how the Jewish people who suffered so terribly at the hands of the Nazis in the Second World War can behave in such a similar way toward the Palestinians?

Anyway the link to that post can be found here


3 Responses to “MV Rachel Corrie”

  1. B.B. Says:

    Thanks for your great post and the link.

    Your last point is a powerful one. I’ll never get tired of telling people that virtually everything I know about Israel/Palestine I’ve learned from Jews (like Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein) and Israelis (like Jeff Halper and the people who write for B’tselem and Ha’aretz) who are constantly struggling to make Israel respect human rights and international law.

    Truly, it’s not a religious or ethnic issue but a problem of power: certain people have found that by cloaking themselves in the horror of the Holocaust, and accusing all their opponents of being anti-semites, they can get away with levels of murder approaching genocide.


  2. justwilliam1959 Says:

    Well as expected the Israelis have taken control of the MV Rachel Corrie, although thankfully there appears to have been no violence. Time to write to your elected officials people!
    Read the latest on the BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/10245176.stm


  3. B.B. Says:

    So far the news is that all the crew and passengers are fine – did you see the transcript of the communcation between the Rachel Corrie and the Israel navy? It’s very very polite – and there’s a sublime bit when the person on the Corrie suggests that the Israeli Navy goes and has a cup of tea while they go into Gaza.

    See post here:



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