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“As you board the train, you feel the pain That starts as you depart, yeah” December 6, 2011

Can you believe that it’s now less than 20 days until the big bearded weirdy in red arrives? Yes it’s December 6th and time to rip off todays flimsy cardboard flap on my Advent Calendar which regular readers know has an ABC of Motown theme in 2011. Today is celebrating the letter F in the Motown lexicon and it’s a Jimmy Ruffin classic “Farewell Is A Lonely Sound” which reached the UK top 10 in 1970. Like many of his contemporaries he is the son of a minister. He is also the older brother of the sadly departed David Ruffin, formerly a member of the classic Temptations line-up. Neither of them are related to reggae singer Bruce Ruffin. This was a popular misconception in the 1970s; well certainly to me and my teenage friends!

Jimmy and David began their careers by singing gospel songs in church. Jimmy had a stint in the US Army and when he returned home in 1964 he was asked to audition for a place in the Temptations. Which he may well have got had his brother not auditioned as well. David sadly died aged just 50 in 1991 after an alleged accidental cocaine overdose.

Jimmy is now 72 and his 10-year-old granddaughter may well be on the verge of a successful career as a singer too. Aiyana-Lee Anderson recorded a song “As One” earlier this year to raise money for victims of the Japanese earthquake. Aiyana-Lee has been given the chance to record an album in LA as a result of the on-line success of “As One”. She lives with her moth in North London (Kingsbury) and attends the Sylvia Young Theatre School.


3 Responses to ““As you board the train, you feel the pain That starts as you depart, yeah””

  1. cerebus660 Says:

    Great song! Jimmy Ruffin also recorded another of my fave Tamla Motown singles, I’ll Say Forever My Love – what a classic! ( And covered by Dexy’s on their last album, in a strange but interesting version… )


  2. cerebus660 Says:

    …not forgetting What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted?
    …which I did 🙂


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Indeed! Then there is “I’ve Passed This Way Before” and many more. Actually one of my favourite Jimmy Ruffin singles is one he did after he left Motown; it was “Tell Me What You Want” on the Polydor label from around 1974 I think.


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