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“I know a place where you can get away, it’s called a dance floor” July 15, 2012

If you have read, seen or heard the news headlines recently you might be forgiven for thinking that Madonna (aka Her Royal Madgeness) was changing her name to Sue. But don’t worry it’s not true, well not as far as I know at least. But she is currently being sued on at least two fronts.

Madge disses frogs legs, I think!

Firstly she is being sued for the use of a sample from the Salsoul Orchestra‘s “Ooh I Love It (Love Break)” which was released in 1977. Is this something she has used on her current album ‘MDNA’? No it’s apparently sampled on her 1990 smash “Vogue”. It has taken 22 years for VMG who represent the Salsoul Orchestra to figure this out. VMG have claimed that the reason it took so long is that the producer of Madonna’s song, Shep Pettibone deliberately hid the sample. Here is their statement; “The unauthorized sampling was deliberately hidden by [Madonna] within ‘Vogue’ so as to avoid detection. It was only when VMG specifically looked for the sample, with the technology available to it in 2011, that the sampling could be confirmed” VMG served legal papers over the issue last year and again in February of this year.

Marine Le Pen is clearly a big fan of Vogue as she ‘strikes a pose’

The second litigation relates to an image used in her recent Paris show. The video screens showed a picture of the leader of the National Front, France’s far right party, Marine Le Pen with a swastika superimposed onto her face. That image was also closely followed by an image of Adolf Hitler. It wasn’t the first time the images have been used on the MDNA Tour, so clearly it wasn’t contrived just for the Paris gig. I think this one could get quite interesting. What do you think?

This next video proves that Madge needs to nip things in the bud or she’ll end up with a real bum deal!


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