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“I’ll wait in the shower thinking of you” September 1, 2013

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Adam Faith

It has long been alleged that King George V’s last words before his death included the phrase ‘bugger Bognor‘. Having holidayed there as a child I think that is not undeserved! Anyway how about some famous last words of a British pop star? Apparently the last words of Adam Faith before his death in March 2003 were; ‘Channel 5’s all shit isn’t it?’. Again that could be quite true. What are your favourite famous last words?



4 Responses to ““I’ll wait in the shower thinking of you””

  1. Yep Adam Faith’s is a classic – it even made the leader section in a broadsheet Independent i think. Cozy Powell doing 120 or so down the M4 rang his wife “Oh Shit” he said just before the fatal crash.


  2. Susan firby Says:

    We love adma faith good voice but brint act r still have and we miss him should be here and he Sill acting had lot more to give


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