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“Oh and down in the tunnel where the deadly are rising” April 17, 2015

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Meatloaf is a bit of a football fan (that’s soccer to my friends across the big pond). In fact he is supposedly a fan of English football and his favourite team is the mighty Hartlepool United. Really? Are we supposed to believe that? Anyway I wonder if the club sell Meatloaf pies?






“And up ahead’s another town that I’ll go walking through with the rain in my shoes, searching for you”


Did you ever wonder why Elvis‘ home was called Graceland? Well it was named after the original owner SE Toof’s daughter who was called Grace. It also has the honour of being the second most visited private residence in the United States outside the White House. Really? Come on, surely the White House is only technically a private residence, right?




“Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues”


In 1996, Ringo Starr off of the Beatles (peace and love, peace and love) appeared in a Japanese advertisement for apple sauce (or was it apple juice?), which is apparently what “Ringo” means in Japanese.



“And if the Devil is six then God is seven” April 15, 2015

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For the number connections in the classic Pixies song “Monkey Gone To heavenBlack Francis’ source was his time as a teenage member of the evangelical Assemblies Of God Church.


The lyric in question is ‘If man is five, then the Devil is six. And if the Devil is six then God is seven’. I am not religious by any definition of the word, however I do love that lyric and the song.




“He’d give up all his comforts, sleep out in the rain” April 14, 2015

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I heard the sad news today of the death of soul legend Percy Sledge. Many people perhaps know him for the classic heartfelt song “When A Man Loves A Woman” which is among my all time favourites. However he also recorded some other sublime songs. I really love “Warm And Tender Love”. When it was first issued in 1966 “When A Man Loves A Woman” went to number one in the USA and Canada and to number four in the UK. It fared better in the UK when it was reissued in 1987 as part of a Levi’s Jeans advertising campaign, when it hit number 2.


Percy died from liver cancer aged just 73. He will be a big loss to the music world. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and fans. Percy Sledge RIP.



“When I said by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed”

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The mysterious Ann Coates is listed as the backing vocalist on the Smiths classic “Bigmouth Strikes Again”. Ann is certainly not who she seems, she is in fact Morrissey with his vocal speeded up with a bit of studio jiggery-pokery!



“Cool kids never have the time” April 13, 2015

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I am a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins but I do feel that Billy Corgan can be a bit of an arse sometimes. My name is William, but as a boy I was knowns a little Billy, as a teenager just Billy and today people know me as Bill. So I believe that this enables me to comment on some recent views expressed by Mr Corgan. Apparently during a gig in Lima, Peru Billy Corgan told the crowd that he wants to be known more formally these days. He said “My name is not Billy. My name is William”. Listen to me Willy Corgan, you may have great musical talent, just sometimes you’re a bit of a pretentious twat ok? Having said that at least it’s not Will.i.am is it?

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By Candlelight presents Nizlopi, Fiona Bevan, Antonio Lulic and Gobbledigook – The De Grey Rooms, York Saturday 11th April 2015


Last night the delightful Catwoman and me went to a gig at the magnificent De Grey Rooms in York. What a stunning place to put on a show this place is and all by candlelight as well. Obviously there was power too otherwise the stage equipment wouldn’t have worked so well would it? In fact one of the acts hardly used the power though, more of that later.

First up was the unbilled Gobbledigook who performed as a duo in the bar before the main show started. They were also behind setting up the gig I assume given that it was promoted by gobbledigooktheatre.co.uk. Anyway these guys were bloody good. All they had was an acoustic guitar and a single percussion instrument. Plus some excellent songs of their own coupled with brilliant vocals and excellent fast worded and clever poetry. At times this reminded me of a stripped down acoustic led version of the fabulous Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. In addition to their own material they also included a strong and nicely different from the original cover version of Whitney Houston’sHow Will I Know“. Introduced hilariously by the singer as this is a Whitney Houston song which you might be more familiar with from me singing it around town for years. Priceless! I loved them.


antonio lulic

In the main room where the majority of us were seated around candlelit tables Antonio Lulic was first on. He and his band (which included John Parker, Nizlopi‘s double bass player) were stunning. Mr Lulic is a truly gifted songwriter with an incredibly soulful and powerful voice. He even slotted in a couple of extracts from a diverse couple of songs towards the end; Paul Simon’sYou Can Call Me Al” and Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe“. I hope Antonio makes it big, I bought both the EPs that he had on sale at the show and they are brilliant. He told us that he will shortly be supporting none other than Ed Sheerhan on some big South American shows. I wish him massive luck with that and I hope I get the chance to see him play again!

fiona bevan

Fiona Bevan is incredibly talented and has the voice of an angel. Her songwriting is very mature and accomplished and she has amazing stage presence. Great image, especially that fantastic hair and a great personality. Her guitar playing is sublime, was she classically trained? Possibly. There is nothing with Fiona Bevan and her music that is not to like. I bought her album and it has already been on in the car today. She ought to go far. In fact her song “Slo Mo Tiger Glow” is featured on an advert for HSBC. She played a great version of the song in her set. I would definitely pay to see her again. Incidentally her band also included the hardest working man in the De Grey rooms that night; John Parker Nizlopi’s double bass player.


Finally it was time for Nizlopi to take the stage or at first the floor. Playing among the audience is a really intimate way of getting your music across and I have seen many bands do this really well, most notably the Tuts. However I do believe that it can be overdone and become detrimental to the whole set. This is how Nizlopi’s set felt to me, I really think that they overplayed the getting among the crowd element. Which meant that unless you managed to get to near the front then you often couldn’t see them or hear them very well. Both Catwoman and I felt that musically Nizlopi are an excellent band, John Parker is an excellent bass player and Luke Concannon‘s voice is pretty good. But what let them down for us was the clumsiness of some of their lyrics and what came across as the incredibly egotistical approach of the singer. Clearly many among the crowd might disagree with this opinion given the enthusiasm that some punters showed. But we stand by our disappointment. However the night was well worth it for all the three support acts!

Pictures and therefore the poor quality by me on my phone. Videos courtesy of YouTube!


“It was if someone had spread butter on all the fine points of the stars” April 11, 2015


The song “Birdland” taken from the classic Patti Smith album ‘Horses‘ was inspired by the 1973 book by Peter Reich. The title was ‘A Book Of Dreams‘ and Patti had been urged to read it by writer William Burroughs. The same book can be seen in the video for “Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush. That song was also inspired by Reich’s book.


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1,500,000 hits in six years! Thank you dear readers! April 10, 2015


I am pleased and a bit excited to announce that my blog reached a fantastic landmark last weekend. It has been around for just over six years and on April 4th it received its one and a half millionth hit! Yep that’s 1,500,000. If I include the hits for my other three blogs the total is in excess of 1,600,000. Now don’t get me wrong, I realise why many people have arrived at my blog; so many have searched for various celebrities in a state of undress notably Lily Allen and there was even a search for Meatloaf naked which arrived here. Recently thanks to glamorama.cl a Chilean gossip site there have been loads of hits in search of pictures of J-Lo‘s bottom. If you are interested my other blogs are;

With Just A Hint of Amelia

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Anyway by means of a celebration I thought I would give you some random statistics which show how far around the world this blog has gone and the countries that still haven’t succumbed. In addition I have made a very special top twenty where if you add up the numbers in the song titles they add up to 1,500,000. There was only a bit of artistic licence involved in this. I hope you enjoy the tunes. Incidentally the geographical stats have only been available for three years.

Top 10 countries since
February 25, 2012
Country Views
USA 123,451
UK 85,976
Chile 24,416
Germany 19,156
France 17,556
Canada 16,301
Mexico 13,552
Spain 12,422
Australia 9,249
Brazil 7,289
Countries that have not accessed this blog so far
Svalbard (Norway)
Western Sahara
Central African Republic
South Sudan
Countries that have only recorded a single view
Hong Kong SAR China

If you are from any of these countries or indeed any other country then feel free to come and say hello. Actually even if you’re from another planet I’d be happy to see you here! And now here is the top twenty that really does add up to 1,500,000.

Top 20 1.5 m songs
1 1,000,000 A Million Random Digits – …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
2 192,000 19-2000 – Gorillaz
3 100,000 100,000 Years – Kiss
4 100,000 One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out – Barclay James Harvest
5 45,789 Beechwood 4-5789 – The Marvelettes
6 30,000 At 30,000 Ft – Queensrÿche
7 10,538 10538 Overture – Electric Light Orchestra
8 10,000 10,000 Nights of Thunder – Alphabeat
9 5,678 5,6,7,8 – Steps
10 2,468 2-4-6-8 Motorway – Tom Robinson
11 2,000 2,000 Light Years From Home – The Rolling Stones
12 1,234 1234 – Plain White T’s
13 213 213 – Slayer
14 40 40 – U2
15 15 Fifteen – Taylor Swift
16 9 Cloud Nine – The Temptations
17 8 Eight Days a Week – The Beatles
18 4 4 Minutes – Madonna
19 3 3 A.M. Eternal – KLF
20 1 1 Thing – Amerie


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