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“People power knock down Tory tower” June 7, 2017

Filed under: Rants — justwilliam1959 @ 10:24 pm

OK I know most of us in the UK are probably fed up with seeing the General Election being the only topic on the TV, in the newspapers and all over the internet during these last few weeks. But I want to make one more push to urge all of you to vote tomorrow. Votes win elections not apathy and a can’t be arsed attitude. Why did the UK vote to leave the EU and why is the Orange Dickhead President of the USA? Apathy folks that’s why, both of those democratic decisions were helped enormously by all of you who didn’t vote. So please, please, please get your arse into gear and get out and vote tomorrow. If you know of any friends or neighbours that might find it difficult to get to a polling station then offer to help them.


This might just be one of the most significant elections of a generation so the least you can do is vote. Now it is not for me to tell you who to vote for, but I will urge you not to vote for the parties that will lead our country to ruin and yes I am talking about the Tories and UKIP in particular here. Click here to check out the best option for tactical voting in your area and choose the vote that might help defeat the Tories. Do you want five years of wibbly wobbly Cruella de May or a more hopeful alternative. For months I have been unsure about Jermy Corbyn, but for me his performance in this campaign has been amazing. Do you want that imbecilic buffoon Boris Johnson anywhere near the EU negotiations? No, well you know what to do then. Bottom line it is your choice who you vote for but if you do not vote then in my opinion you have no right to complain about the outcome, because that will be at least partly your fault! As I have said many times before this is a music blog, so here are some choice cuts to soundtrack your trip to the polling station. Do not let me down and most importantly do not let your country down, your future needs you! Show Cruella de May that the the really strong and stable people in this country are us, the electorate!


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