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Honestly, I’m Just Thinking – The Young Hearts September 14, 2017

There’s an EP coming from a band that is new to me from the wilds of Kent. They are called the Young Hearts and they sound like a Byrdsian kind of alt.rock with a dash of emo. The EP is called “Honestly, I’m Just Thinking” and it is out on Primordial Records on 29th September. EP opener “Bloom” is an emotional clarion call full of soul, angst and real life. The playing and the vocal harmonies strive to achieve perfection and frankly come pretty damned close to it. In the lyrics to “Medicine” Craig Lawrence sings that he is ‘always on the outside looking in’, well I think this band is destined to be on the inside in a big way.

My favourite track in the EP is probably “Smoke” well after the third listen it is anyway. It is a powerful wave of riffs and searing vocals that attack your senses and worm their way into your brain to remain there as indefinite squatters. Final song “October” will challenge many of their US contemporaries a real run for their money. The production from Ian Saddler is top notch throughout.  “Honestly, I’m Just Thinking” is the Young Hearts second EP following 2015’s “Everything We Left Behind”. I want to see this band play live and I am also looking forward to their first album which for me has the potential to be immense. They are touring the UK at the tail end of 2017 so if you get a chance catch them. Work and geography means that I will be unable to make any of these dates, but if you are lucky enough to attend feel free to tell me all about it! Can we have them booked for Reading and Leeds in 2018 please?

30 Sep – Manchester, Deadbolt Festival
04 Oct – Southampton, The Brook
05 Oct – Brighton, Sticky Mike’ Frog Bar
06 Oct – Coventry, Kasbah
07 Oct – Bridgwater, Cobblestones
08 Oct – London, Old Blue Last
28 Oct – Bournemouth, Blue Line Studios
09 Nov – Canterbury, The Ballroom
10 Nov – Luton, Harvey’s
11 Nov – Torquay, The Attic
12 Nov – Bristol, Crofters Rights
18 Nov – Ashford, The Attic

I would like to thank those delightful folks at Wall Of Sound PR for giving me a chance to give this EP an early listen.


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