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One Response to “The Icicle Works – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Friday 8th December 2017”

  1. Andy Golborne Says:

    A fine evening, and brought back lots of memories – and also brought on ringing ears!. Hailing from Liverpool catching on to them early and I’d seen The IW maybe a dozen times in their original form, from a support slot at Larks in the Park (Sefton Park I think 1983, which was televised and is on YouTube) through to their (IMHO) peak with their Blind album and a last show at Manchester Apollo. Despite releasing 4 great albums they never quire cracked it big time and sadly imploded. The second line up on the back of the excellent Permanent Damage album toured round pretty much the same level venues as the original line up left off (Universities and Polytechnics) and my last glimpses of the old Icies were at Bristol Bierkeller and Treforest Poly (I was living in Cardiff at the time) in 1990. They were fabulous – and I still have the T-shirt :-). McNabb has since (often only just) kept his head above water with a long solo career, touring solo or with a small band pretty much constantly and releasing self- financed albums full of great songs and heartfelt playing – occasionally almost breaking out into the big time such as with the aforementioned Head Like a Rock close encounter with Crazy Horse and the Mercury Prize. He unfortunately doesn’t own the rights to the Icicle Works output so Love is a Wonderful Colour will never be a pension for him (the song for instance featured in series 2 of Stranger Things). So buy a ticket or an album and support one of our real British music legends.
    Where to start: http://www.ianmcnabb .com and order Star Smile Strong. https://ianmcnabb.bandcamp.com/music for his solo digital downloads.
    The Icies 5 album box set for £20 from Amazon is an absolute bargain.


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