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“The Call Of Gaia” – Everlit December 17, 2018

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Everlit from Pennsylvania’s City Of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia have a new single out. “The Call Of Gaia” is a call to arms from the perspective of the earth/ mother nature/ the biosphere/ the ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth a.k.a Gaia telling us humans to get our act together and start caring for our beautiful planet. It is an impassioned and powerful protest song which needs to be widely heard. This is a staggeringly good slice of heavy rock with true heart made stronger by some monumental riffing and Ryan Panfil’s soaring, soulful vocals. If you like Weezer, the Foo Fighters, Placebo or many other great bands you will love Everlit and this song. The message in “The Call Of Gaia” is one that we need to heed and act on now! We should send this to every politician who refuses to accept what we are doing to our planet. Check it out and check it out NOW! If you don’t I will know and you won’t like me when I’m angry!




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