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‘Utopi’ – Vånna Inget May 4, 2019

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Swedish band Vånna Inget  have just released a new album, ‘Utopi’ on the Gaphals label and judging by what I have heard on one listen it is pretty damned spectacular. As a typical Brit who only speaks one language I have not often been turned on by foreign language music. But this band transcend that for me and prove that rock ‘n’ roll is truly universal language. “Skuggor” has a hook that would catch a Great White Shark and Karolina Engdahl’s vocals are full of power and clarity. It is also supported by a moodily stylish black and white video which you can see at the end of this review. Meanwhile on “Främlingar” the guitar attack from Tommy Tift would stop the Night King’s army in Game Of Thrones within a couple of riffs. The massed choir-like vocals of “Allt Ska Bli Bra” make it feel like a classic 80s power ballad, although it is clear that Karolina is a better vocalist than Bonnie Tyler and her peers. Perhaps my favourite song from the collection so far is album opener “Eld” which perfectly showcases the undenied power of a rhythm section at the peak of its powers.

There is a Fleetwood Mac feel on “Murar” with Karolina giving it some proper Stevie Nicks phrasing. The vocal harmonies on this song are subtle but almost perfect. On “Mörkrets Barn” Vånna Inget  show their talent for writing great pop rock songs. “Spöken” has a real late 70s post punk appeal with some stunning guitar work. Perhaps the most commercial tune here is the title track “Utopi” which in my head I can hear ringing out across a festival field while everyone leaps up and down with complete abandon. The final song on the album “80​-​talsbarn” proves that the band can slow things down and inject a deep soulful passion into their music. Despite the language barrier I definitely want to hear more from these Swedish power pop heroes! I hope they play in the UK some time soon. Click here to check out this rather wonderful album on Spotify.



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