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‘Black Mirror’ – G G Fearn June 2, 2019

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GG Fearn is a highly talented emerging artist from Carmarthen in Wales. Her first EP, ‘Black Mirror’ is out now and if you love the catchy, well-produced pop style, indie driven songs with a nod towards the dance world then you will love this. She has played gigs across the UK, including the Cavern in Liverpool. There are shades of Marina and the Diamonds in here and GG’s voice comes across at times like a British Stevie Nicks. The title track has a really impressive layered vocal chorus and a supremely infectious melody and hook that is taken into the stratosphere with a deep synth bass sound. The guitar licks are great 70s throwbacks. The production on “Teen Queen” really showcases the songs funky desires and if you fail to move your body to this you might well have flatlined! My favourite track on the EP at the moment is “Deal With Devil”, her voice has an Eastern tinge to it. I can imagine this song soundtracking a scene in American Horror Story or perhaps Lucifer.

In “Famous Last Words” GG sings that she wants to be remembered and to go down in history. On the evidence of this release, I believe that she has every chance of achieving that. I am definitely looking forward to her first album now! GG’s pen picture says “Her shebang of dark pop delight is original and fresh without the shackles of expectation” and having listened to this delightful EP three times now I have to agree. Her lyrics belie her youth with their confidence, darkness, and maturity. She sounds a little quirky at times, but I mean that in the positive. Kate Bush, one of my favourite singers, has always had a great take on quirkiness. GG began writing songs when she was quite you too, just like Kate Bush! GG is a truly original talent and I reckon she will be around a long, long while. I will be incredibly disappointed if you fail to check out this EP, do it now! Just click right here to listen on Spotify!

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