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“It Won’t Last Long” – Ross Andrew October 14, 2019

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Back in February, I reviewed “Places” the fourth single from Birmingham singer-songwriter Ross Andrew, well he has a new one out, it is called “It Won’t Last Long”. With “Places” I saw a softish acoustic vibe along the lines of Clifford T Ward from the early 70s, however the new song, while retaining that great acoustic feel, has a much harder edge and it spews buckets of emotion. The production from Elliot Vaughan has perfect clarity but also brings out more power from Ross’ voice. Click here to hear the song on Spotify and check it out on YouTube below. I believe that “It Won’t Last Long” will, in fact, last a long while and it takes Mr. Andrew’s songwriting up a couple of gears at least. Check this bloke out now, that is an order!



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