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Mayhem Singles Round Up 2 – October 2019 October 28, 2019

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I am overloaded with some exceptionally good singles at the moment, take another 5, you know you want to! I would love to know what you think of them.;

Stonerpop “Night Terrors” – This is the first single from LA electronic duo Stonerpop’s new album ‘American Dreams’ due out on January 1st, 2020. That date is my birthday and after hearing the single I might have to treat myself to the album! “Night Terrors” is a monumental electronic painting made with sound. It has eerie, hypnotic and booming percussion, droning synth sounds and a vocal so ethereal it would easily find a home in a David Lynch film. The video is pretty special too; bullets, skeletons, skulls, spiders and something truly psyched up.

Springfield Elementary “Five Second Rule This lot are from the north of England and they clearly have the DNA of Shaun Ryder and the Stone Roses in them. This groove-laden, slow languid funk work out makes it abundantly clear that Springfield Elementary are going places. It is hard to believe that they have only been together around a year. Get into this band now before they explode into the stratosphere.

Brother Adams featuring JRob “Momentum Can psychedelic, slacker garage rock mix with rap? Probably not on paper but as far as the new single from Brother Adams on which they are aided and abetted by a classy master of rhymes JRob. The song has a grungey feel with some hooks and melodies that just bury their roots like a huge beanstalk, which is so fitting for a giant of a tune like “Momentum”

Whippoorwill “California Evoking the best of 70s west coast rock from the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt to name just a couple, Whippoorwillya’s new cut almost lifts you onto that Greyhound bus to whisk you away from your downtrodden, grey, unhappy life into the sun, sea and good vibes of the Golden State. But it does carry an evocative plea for California to be kind. This song would be the perfect soundtrack to accompany a drive down a long open road with the top down on that big old Cadillac.

V98 “Conversation Killer Dublin’s V98 have released this angry single as a taster to their forthcoming EP, ‘Pressgang’. It is the story of someone who has heavy mental anger and might be waging war with themselves and society in general. The rough-edged vocals are backed by riffs as hard as granite and a tough gritty sound that epitomises some of the best modern punk sounds.


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