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“Monster Club” – Suncharms October 28, 2019

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Is the world ready for another great song from that wonderful Sheffield band the Suncharms? It should be because their new release “Monster Club” is another stupendous and beautifully chilled tune following hot on the heels of “Red Dust” from late last year. There is a hint of Richard Hawley and possibly Edwyn Collins in the vocals and perhaps a musical resemblance to the best of the Super Furry animals. But aside from influences that I hear it has the original Suncharms stamp all over it. The song will feature on their album, due out next year (and I am very much looking forward to that), but don’t wait until then, give it a spin now!

The Suncharms describe the lyrics as being about The Limit nightclub in Sheffield, which my sources tell me closed in 1991. They said, “we all used to visit <the Limit> in the late 80s and early 90s – a place where goths, punks, psychobilly’s, vampires and indie kids would all rub shoulders and leap around the dance floor spilling pints of snakebite and black”. This new single will appeal to every one of those aforementioned tribes, especially the vampires. Legend has it that Pink Floyd once played a warmup at the Limit and the club also hosted the first UK performance from the B-52s.

The title is, according to the band, “grave robbed” from the title of a 1981 horror film called “The Monster Club” which starred Vincent Price and Britt Ekland among many others. Apparently, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee both turned down a role in the film. B.A, Robertson and the Pretty Things were among the artists who contributed to the soundtrack. If the film was ever to be remade the Suncharms ought to be first in line to throw this song into the mix for the soundtrack. On the evidence of “Red Dust” and “Monster Club”, I reckon the Suncharms have the talent to provide a film soundtrack. Both songs have a cinematic scope and feel to them. Whatever music you listen to on Halloween make sure you add “Monster Club” by the Suncharms to your playlist, you will not be disappointed! Click here to hear it on Spotify and click here to listen on BandCamp. The song is also available on iTunes.

How about finishing with some lyrics from the song to kick your Halloween night off with a BOO! “You told me to embrace the dark – will you take me with you? I hope you will – I’ll wrap you in a cape and take you to the Monster Club, The Monster Club…”

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