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“Starting Over” – Heartsink February 2, 2020

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York band Heartsink have a new single out today. It is called “Starting Over” and it is a pop-punk powerhouse of a tune. It takes the best elements of classic US pop-punk and filters it through a very British vibe. It is an earworm with a classy rhythm section making the rock engine purr and some very powerful riffage. Jake’s vocals are yearning, powerful and spot on! The production on this tune from Ben Stuart Brown is first class.

Heartsink are twin brothers Zac and Jake Roughton on drums respectively. The pair are aided and abetted in their long term plan to dominate the pop-punk world by  Kiel Hodgson on Guitar and bassist/ vocalist Bryn Portas. The boys have been around a while as a band and on the evidence of this track alone, Heartsink are a pretty well oiled and slick machine. A few more anthemic tunes like this and festivals will be falling over themselves to get them on their line ups. You can catch them tomorrow supporting Roam at the Basement in York, I might be there myself!

Check out the tune via YouTube below and click here to find it on Spotify!

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