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Yet More Lockdown Playlist Mayhem! April 30, 2020

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Here’s another new Spotify Playlist this time the focus is on Brit Pop and other related great hits. Give it a spin, but it is designed for shuffle play! I should warn you that there are eleven hours of tunes here 🙂 It is called ‘With Just a Hint Of Mayhem does Britpop and other 90s greats. Click here (or just below) to roll with it in your country house! Let me know if you think I have missed your favourite.  playlist (see below)

So put on your best dancing pants and get mad for it!

Here are all my other playlists. Feel free to share them!

If you want to suggest any tracks to be added then let me know!

Billy Does Glam & other early 70s pop – get your platforms on!

Billy’s Best Snotty Punk Tracks – who doesn’t love punk?

Billy’s Ranking Reggae Rockers – everybody loves reggae right?

Billy’s 70s Soul, Funk & Disco Selection – right back to my youth! Get on your flares and get dancin’

Billy’s 60s Soul Selection – I dare you not to enjoy and dance to this lot!

Billy’s Barbecue Belters – this started as a nice backdrop to a summer barbecue that has, thanks to some musical brain farts, grown to a whopping 461 songs that helped shape my life in some way!

FACK TRUMP! – largely political and mostly protest songs

SASH Gig 3rd January 2020 – this was the music played before and between all the bands at the first gig, I ever promoted back in January. Big thanks once again to Lost Trends, My Wonderful Daze, and the Receivers – all of whom feature on this playlist. Probably more of a brain dump from me is this one!

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