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“Rust” – Not Tonight and the Headaches May 8, 2020

Firstly top marks for the band name, Not Tonight and the Headaches is the best name I have heard for a long while. The band consists of Jimmy Headache a really deep bass plucked and Vocals/Backing Vocals, Snellitor bashing the Drums so hard that they are scared of him, Throbert on Guitar and also Vocals, to be fair with a name like Throbert he should be the bass player and King Awesome/Cadefunk delivering even more Guitar and Backing Vocals. You might have believed that these were not their given names, but in fact, they are. Their nicknames are James Elliott, Matt Snell, Rob Tew, and Matt Cade respectively, which all sound far more punk than the real ones, right?

The boys claim to be the 123rd best band in Grimsby, is that true? Are there actually that many bands in Grimsby? Not Tonight and the Headaches have been a bit quiet for a few years but they are definitely on their way back with a sparkling spanker of a new single “Rust”. The band claim to be “on a four-man mission to resurrect mid-nineties pop-punk’ and “Rust” proves that. It veers toward the softer side of pop-punk, but it is a hellishly good song. After listening to it 123 times I am hooked (just joking, it actually stayed in my brain like the best earworms after just a couple of listens. These lads hope to get cracking on their next album very soon, once we can all put this vile COVID-19 behind us. I am looking forward to that new album and getting a chance to see them live on the other side of this. Check them out, you will not be disappointed unless you are the 124th best band in Grimsby!

The video for “Rust” is below, click here to check out even more of their excellent stuff on Spotify!

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