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‘The Power’ – Evvol June 10, 2020

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Berlin has long been a hotbed for great music and duo Evvol, who recently released their album, ‘The Power’ can be counted as another addition to that trend. Opening track “Help Myself” immediately draws you in with its delicately phased keyboards and saccharine vocals. One of the key components of this album is an intriguing use of rhythm and “Its Ok” demonstrates this ably. “Rope Walk” is a fascinating soundscape leading into the excellent “Old Love” which has a beautiful vocal with a spoken background. “Call Me Back” has a fantastic keyboard sound with vocals slightly reminiscent of Everything But the Girl. The messed up rhythms are also present on this track.

“All I Need” which features just vocals and keyboard reminds me of Laurie Anderson’s work. “W.A.R.” features a lovely keyboard figure and echoing vocals over a neatly worked polyrhythmic background. This is the strongest track on the album and a good club track just crying out for a lengthy remix. “1994” is a short but fascinating track with experimental keyboards and superb vocals. “M29” is another shorter track which I was eager to hear develop further. “Video Tape” has a Pet Shop Boys feel and tonality and is a potential single. “The Well” has an unexpected synth opening which figures throughout the song, building, and fading. “Swallow” closes the album with quirky synth and vocals. Evvol have a plethora of ideas which can take them as far as they want to go and you should look out for what they do next. Trust me it will be interesting.

Written by Paul Bamlett.

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