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“Flex” – Yo! Majesty June 11, 2020

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Back in 2008 Yo! Majesty were everywhere. They played Coachella and the South By South West festivals. They released their debut album ‘Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid’ which still sounds fresh today. It was released by Domino Records, now home of the Arctic Monkeys, in the UK. Personally, I thought that they would just get bigger and better, but they seemed to disappear from the radar. But I am so happy to say that Jwl B, Shunda K, and Shon B are back, but not just back, back with an almighty explosion of sound. They make Salt ‘n’ Pepa look like simple condiments, Yo! Majesty are salt, pepper and a mighty dose of  Carolina Reaper chilliTheir new single “Flex” was released a couple of weeks ago and it is a total banger that harks back to Missy Elliott at her peak but also sounds incredibly fresh and is very much a sound of now! “Flex” is the first release from Yo! Majesty’s sophomore ‘Return Of The Matriarchs’ album which is scheduled for August. But whet your appetite with “Flex”, give it a spin, it is electro hip hop at its finest with the ladies spitting ciphers and rhymes like their lives depended on it! The beats are wicked on this tune too. The single is accompanied by a plethora of remixes, including those from DJ Daze, Otis The Rigger, Harry Breast, and plenty more. My favourite of the remixes is probably the DJ Hurley Slowed Mix which has a chilled feel musically but retains the venom and bite of the original rap. Did we know that the world needed a lesbian, Christian rap collective? Maybe the world didn’t know it but the world most definitely fucking needs Yo! Majesty now!  Get on this single and be ready for the album. Yo! Majesty are BACK!

Take a look at the ‘Das Wassup’ documentary about Yo! Majesty, it is one of the best music-related documentaries that I have seen in quite a while.

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