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Play It Again Mayhem – “Pyjamarama” – Roxy Music June 11, 2020

This is the third in an occasional series of songs that I don’t believe ever got the airplay they deserved, or at least not much airplay since the original release. The previous two were “Everybody Was Rockin‘” by the late great Betty Wright and “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” by Elton John. I hope that eventually there will be an accompanying playlist for this series!

Number three in the Play It Again Mayhem series is Roxy Music’s 1973 single “Pyjamarama” which reached number ten in the UK singles chart and stayed in the charts for twelve weeks. It was released between the first album ‘Roxy Music’ and the second album ‘For Your Pleasure’ but it featured on neither of them. It was only the band’s second single coming out around eight months after breakthrough hit “Virginia Plain”, which also never featured on a Roxy Music studio album (apart from some later pressings of the record). The band line up was largely the classic Roxy line up and still included Brian Eno. “Pyjamarama” was written by Bryan Ferry and was supposedly the first Roxy song that he wrote on the guitar. Instrumentally Phil Manzanera’s guitar sound is impeccable and I love Paul Thompson’s drum sound too. This is my favourite Roxy Music single by a long way! I also think it is one of the best one-word song titles ever. I would love to hear your thoughts on the track. Lyrics are copied below in case you want to sing along! There is also a video of a live version included which feels slowed down and quirky.

“Pyjamarama” – Lyrics (Bryan Ferry)

Couldn’t sleep a wink last night
Oh how I’d love to hold you tight
They say you have a secret life
Made sacrifice your key to paradise
Never mind, take the world by storm
Just boogaloo a rhapsody divine
Take a sweet girl just like you
How nice if only we could bill and coo

I may seem a fool to you for ev’rything
I say or think or do
How could I apologise for all those lies
The world may keep us far apart but up in heaven, angel
You can have my heart
Diamonds may be your best friend
But like laughter after tears
I’ll follow you to the end

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3 Responses to “Play It Again Mayhem – “Pyjamarama” – Roxy Music”

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