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‘Seersucker’ EP – Swears June 19, 2020

Do you love dirty, grungey, punky, fuzzy, garage rock? You do? Well you will want to marry Swears. They released their first EP, ‘Seersucker’ last month and it goes straight to the top of the alternative rock class for 2020. Swears formed in Middlesbrough in 2017 and are made up of Joel Clayton, Cypriot brothers George and Stephanos Louca, and Tom Gingell. The EP was recorded at All Silk Recording Studio, Rawtenstall, Lancashire with the music tracked, mixed and mastered by Ed Hall.

EP opener “Warm To The Touch” has quite an impassioned, soulful vocal reflecting the subject of the song which is about the plight of our dying planet. It is underpinned by a heavy, scuzzy sound that Black Rebel Motorcycle would be proud of. Next up is “Say Nothing” which I believe deals with mental health and lyrically, for me, it is one of the most interesting tracks here. “I’m a vision of division, I’m a hound without a sound” is a couplet that conjures up mental despair and anguish (schizophrenia maybe?) with a very intelligent use of just a few simple words. Musically it felt very dark which reflects and supports the lyrics perfectly.

Westlife have aged well haven’t they? 😉

“Catacombs” deals with addiction and is driven by a bass so deep that it probably began in the depths of hell, which I guess is fitting given the songs title and subject matter. This is what a much darker, more punk savvy Kings Of Leon might sound like. You get a feel for how these boys feel about God on “Brain Dead”, an incredibly powerful tune that has some mighty riffs and is possibly the heaviest track on a fabulously heavy release. On the strength of this release I can hardly wait to see Swears live post COVID-19.

Click here to listen to ‘Seersucker’ on Spotify.

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