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“Phase IV” – The last Of The Fallen Angels July 18, 2020

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The Last Of The Fallen Angels are born out of lockdown. The band formed a few weeks into the UK COVID-19 shutdown in May 2020. It is a collaboration project of CMQ. He has worked remotely with singers and artists from across the globe. The plan is to release a series of three singles and the first one is with us now, it is called “Phase IV”. The track obviously features CMQ, but with great input from Mark D of Sapien Trace and Victoria O of north east electro champs AXLS. The song was written by CMQ and Mark D. Sapien Trace and AXLS have featured on With Just A Hint Of Mayhem previously.

Apparently Mike Bennett, a producer who has been around the block a few times with some great artists from Toyah and Hazel O’Connor to Ian Brown and the Specials to name just a few of the stellar acts he has worked with. Bennett will be releasing the track on his Paraffin Alien record label on 28th August.

“Phase IV” was produced by Simon Ellis, maybe not the man you would associate with this darker electro vibe given his pure pop credentials working with, among others, the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and S Club 7. But he really nails it with this tune. The whole recording and writing process was conducted via email and messenger, given the restrictions of lockdown. None of the musicians, singers or producers met during the recording process. It was the same for the making of the rather spiffing video which was filmed using mobile phones.

The song is a chilled ambient piece of music with almost an electro dub vibe in the instrumentation. At some points it reminded me of The Beloved’s 1989 hit, “The Sun Rising”. The vocals are a perfect match for the music and are at times ethereal. Victoria O’s singing is heavenly in the guise of a beautiful ghost. This has definitely whetted my appetite for the next two releases in the series. Check it out and let us know what you think. There is a teaser video below, that will have to keep you satisfied until the wonderful full track is unleashed to the world next month!

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