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“Comfort Me” – Witch Of The East August 22, 2020

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I know that there is a dearth of female artists on festival bills and I hope that will change over time. However there is no shortage of great female artists out there, just take a look around people. Artists like Lauren Tate, the Tuts, My Wonderful Daze, Laura Kindelan are just a few of my favourites along with the stupendous Witch Of The East. Aeris Houlihan is the supreme talent behind Witch Of The East and on the new single “Comfort Me” she proves just how gifted she is. If you thought her 2019 album ‘Queen Of Insecurity’ was great then you will absolutely love this. If Aeris didn’t exist there is no way you could invent her. She is a one off and not many come close to her smart lyrics and sassy attitude. But it is not just the music either, the video for “Comfort Me” is very cleverly put together in a highly effective and inspiring original way.

Aeris shares vocals on the song with Zera Tonin from Arch Femmesis. The song was inspired by a horrible experience involving a few weeks in prison in Eastern Europe. Aeris confronted a sexist arsehole in a bar who clearly did not like being called out by a trans woman. He used his connections to have Aeris jailed. Thankfully she came through the experience stronger and began creating “Comfort Me” while in prison. It is a full on psych banger which gets into your head on first listen. This is a fabulous song and suggests that the next Witch Of The East album will be equally as good if not better than the last. To close I would like to add that Aeris Houlihan is one of the nicest and most interesting people I encounter regularly on social media.

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