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“Where My Girls At?” – Delilah Bon October 12, 2020

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Regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of Delilah Bon (alter ego of Hands Off Gretel frontwoman Lauren Tate). This woman is empowered and recognises inequality and misogyny and calls it out. Her new track “Where My Girls At?” is something that every young woman who feels threatened and put upon by the inherent sexism and patriarchy in the world should listen too. Not only is Delilah Bon’s message a powerful one, it also comes nicely wrapped in a great pop rap tune. To be fair white rappers have often been less than average (Vanilla Ice) but some have been truly sensational (Eminem) and I reckon it is time to add Delilah Bon to the latter category. “Where My Girls At?” is a classy, funky rap track that I think Lauryn Hill would have been proud of. If you thought Delilah Bon was just an angry, serious message bringer check out the video (wonderfully filmed by her Mum Helen Tate) to the end. The outtakes are hilarious, human, natural and clearly show that she has a great self deprecating manner. The Delilah Bon album will be a contender for album of the year in 2020 or 2021 whenever it arrives. If you have not listened to Delilah Bon yet I suggest that you get off your lazy arse and do it now! You will not be disappointed. Unless of course you are a sexist, creepy prick, in which case fuck off, I don’t want you on my site!

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