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“Panic Attack” – Doozer McDooze November 1, 2020

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How does one man make so much noise? I don’t really care how, because Doozer McDooze makes a great noise! Hi new single “Panic Attack” is absolute proof of his great noise credentials. It is a rollicking, acoustic, stomping punk workout. There is anger, uncertainty and emotion here and yet I am still left feeling happy at the end of it. The softer breakdown at just after three minutes in evoked, for me, the best of Julian Cope and Traffic. It is also a tune that is difficult not to sing along too. It really is a great tune for these weird, weird times we are living in right now and I am sure the subject matter will resonate with many of you. But just breathe, keep breathing (good advice from Mr McDooze) and we will all get past these pandemic times. Music always help!

The video is pretty spectacular too, with stupendous animations and vibrant colours from The Famous Artist Birdy Rose, although be careful if you can’t handle flashing images. I love the kaleidoscope parts in particular. Apparently “Panic Attack” is the start of a wider creative project, working with the highly acclaimed producer/singer-songwriter Sam Duckworth (a.k.a Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly). Get some Doozer into your life now, you know it makes sense!

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