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“All For Me” – The Kecks November 3, 2020

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I had the pleasure of reviewing “Modern Girls”, an earlier single from the Kecks, back in April this year. That was a magnificent punky tune with a great message about the pitfalls of this modern social media world. “All For Me” is their new single, released last month. What makes a great band in my opinion is diversity of sound and “All For Me” is on a completely different level to “Modern Girls”. It is an extraordinary emotional stygian dark ballad which would rank alongside some of Scott Walker’s finest moments. Vocally Uschmaan at times sounds like Bowie at his Berlin best with a splash of Richard Hawley. This song may salve your wounded heart and help you get through another lockdown. The song grabbed me and pulled me into its core on the first listen, and I don’t want to leave.

Band photograph by Denis Uhreniuk

The wacky, weird, wired and wonderful video which accompanies “All For Me” is a masterful short film by Ingo Stahl. I have watched it five times while writing this review and there is something new to discover each time. Some of you faint hearted oddities might find it disturbing at times, but persevere because the music is subtle, sublime and sensational. If you have not heard the Kecks yet, then this is a great place to start! Every time I get the chance to review a great song it makes my longing for a return to gigs even stronger! The Kecks are definitely on my 2021 gig list!

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