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“Skint” – Doozer McDooze March 26, 2021

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That talented bard of punky ballads and singer of modern sonnets, Mr McDooze has released yet another classy single, “Skint”. He bemoans his skintness with a rather jolly acousticy punky ditty. Being skint is something that I am sure many of us can relate to, I certainly can, which is why this track works so well. I love the lyrics, especially the lines “I’m skint does that make me a stockbroker” and “I’m skint does that make me the Prime Minister”, probably yes on both counts! Our Prime Minister is probably not skint in a monetary sense, but he is skint in terms of empathy and the ability to tell the truth to name but two! The video is rather spiffing too, it features Doozer in a kind of stop frame motion flow, which is really effective. Click here to check out more of his stuff on Spotify and click here to go to his website. If you’re not too skint yourself why not buy some Doozer McDooze merch, you know you want to!

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