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“Bad Bones” – Marq Electronica April 6, 2021

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Regular readers know that I love political and protest songs, which is the first reason that “Bad Bones” the new single from Marq Electronica alerted my ears. It is like a Portishead collaboration with Goldie at his peak, but this is no facsimile, the song stands up really well on its own and is driven hard by some bountiful bombastic electro synth bass lines. Marq says this of the track, “Bad Bones is my reaction, my dissatisfaction and frustration at the political landscape what I see as the smiling faces and the double talk of those in power.” Personally I think he has nailed the dissatisfaction that many of us feel about current politicians, particularly the UK Government. Lyrics like, “The higher the bidder, the more you comply. Lie to the people, then look them straight in the eye”. have immense depth and huge power. The video has a gorgeous ‘Tron’ versus ‘Max Headroom’ feel to it and enhances what is already a great tune. The song was produced and mixed by Simon Ellis who has worked with the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, East 17, S Club 7, and Westlife). This track is good enough for me to forgive Simon for anything he did with Westlife! Marq has a really interesting canon of work available on SoundCloud, his cover of Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” takes the tune to another dimension. This dude is definitely one to watch out for, click here to play “Bad Bones” and more of his music.

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