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“Keep On Rising” – Cold Culprits April 20, 2021

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Cold Culprits (a.k.a. Andy Watson) recently released a cracking new tune, “Keep On Rising”. It is a fabulously uplifting song which oozes positivity. I know that the song arose from a boxing story. Andy explains the gestation of the track as “the spark of the idea was struck by the story of a Leeds boxer who suffered a shock defeat to an underdog earlier this year, after being unbeaten his entire career. Keep on Rising is all about sticking at something that’s important to you, taking the knocks and inching your way forward to success. It’s about being able to focus on the long term, but also taking care of the day-to-day things that mean your dream of tomorrow doesn’t always just hang there as a dream, out of reach”. But the message goes way beyond sport and is a great song to support our move away from the dark covid days we have all endured.

The guitars scream like Bernard Butler and Mick Ronson joined forces and unleashed a sound like banshees on shrooms. The drumming is ace, in fact some of the drum patterns sound like they could be used to soundtrack a flurry of punches in a boxing match. Andy tops things off with one of his best vocal performances to date, I occasionally picked up a small touch of Neil Young in his voice. It only took a couple of listens for this anthem in waiting to get into my head and take up residence! We will keep on rising people, stay positive and listen to great music like this! Click here to check out more great stuff from Cold Culprits.

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