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“Shut Your Mouth” – Not Now Norman April 27, 2021

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Not Now Norman are back with yet yet another absolute banger of a tune, “Shut Your Mouth”. The music has an old school hard rock feel with shades of Thin Lizzy and Nazareth, and a screaming guitar solo worthy of Ritchie Blackmore at his peak. Once again Taylor’s vocals put the icing on the cake, she has one of the finest rock voices I have heard in quite a while. Previous releases “Little Cheryl” and “Little Frankenstein” were good, but this is even better. The chorus rips through your ear canals and forcibly hooks itself into your brains temporal lobe. This will be epic in a live environment. Aligned with the bands recent and rather excellent collaboration with Geo Moon, “Run Boy” the subject matter here is domestic abuse.

Taylor said this about the song and its meaning; “The track is about domestic abuse, the words are everything I wanted to say when my abuser was berating me. The build-up is meant to get people to start shouting ‘shut your mouth’ with the track when the final chorus hits. It’s meant to reignite the fire that victims feel has died when they escape domestic
abuse and boost confidence.”
You can hear and feel Taylor reigniting her fire and hopefully this message will help other victims of domestic abuse in their recovery from what must be a truly awful experience. It is something I have never encountered personally, so I can only imagine how it is for domestic abuse victims. After listening to this great track click here to check out Refuge’s website, they do some wonderful work helping and supporting those who have been affected by domestic abuse!

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