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The Mayhem Monthly Top 20 Artist Chart – August 2021 (and July 2021) August 8, 2021

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In the first post in this series I told you that in January I discovered a site called Obscurify. It claims to tell you how obscure your listening on Spotify is. Compared to the rest of the UK I am now supposedly 90% more obscure than other users, while I will take that it has dropped from 91% since June! It also lists my most obscure artists, which currently are

Woke Up Dead


Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate



So who were the top artists for July (9th) and August (1st)? Check the full lists below, but I can reveal that the Eagles were top in July and no surprise, David Bowie was back on top in August. There are a few new artists in there but also plenty of classic acts. It would be fair to say that as I share this Spotify account with my wonderful wife Catherine (a.k.a. Catwoman) a few artists finished much higher than they might have done if they were only my choices 🙂 Notably Julia Fordham and Neil Diamond.

Mayhem’s Top 20 Artists on Spotify (July 9th 2021)

Julia Fordham
Biffy Clyro
Paul Weller
Liz Phair
Neil Young
Little Feat
Avalanche Party
Jackson Browne
Sunflower Thieves
George Michael
Alice Simmons
Children Of Zeus
James Brown
Detroit Cobras
Billy Paul
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes
Delilah Bon

Mayhem’s Top 20 Artists on Spotify (August 1st 2021)

David Bowie
Neil Diamond
Linda Ronstadt
Paul Simon
Paul Weller
Curtis Mayfield
Durand Jones and the Indications
Marvin Gaye
Rod Stewart
David Essex
Sunflower Thieves
Jackson Browne
Sex Pistols
Rolling Stones

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