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‘Ready To Kill’ EP – Delilah Bon October 14, 2021

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Lauren Tate is one of the most prolific artists around at the moment. Some excellent work with Hands Off Gretel, her classy solo work and more recently her bad ass bitch alter ego Delilah Bon. In my opinion the first Delilah Bon album is a contender for album of the year. So just when you thought Lauren might be taking a well earned rest she launches a horror themed Delilah Bon EP, ‘Ready To Kill’. Are you having a Halloween party this year? Then this EP has to be at the core of your party soundtrack. The sounds rage from classy rap, nu metal, punk and yes horror film theme vibes. Chain saws, coffins, killer clowns, cannibals, Dracula, what more do you need for Halloween? But this is no novelty horror cash in, there is not a duff track here. I hear there is a new ‘Scream’ movie coming, well producers please consider including a track or two from this EP on your soundtrack. The six tracks certainly evoke a spooky element perhaps no better than “Clown”, although “Cannibal Summer” runs it a close second. Even with the main horror theme Delilah manages to smash out at misogyny, particularly on the aforementioned “Cannibal Summer”. For me this EP and the superb album from May proves that Delilah Bon is most definitely here to stay. Remember when those snotty little kids come to you door on 31st October, blast them with the spine chilling, bone rattling, chainsaw massacring tunes from ‘Ready To Kill’, they will thank you for it, eventually. Can I make my suggestion once again for a range of Delilah Bon candies with sticky red fillings and called Delilah Bon Bons? Get your ears around these tunes ASAP, otherwise you will find zombies, ghosts, Vampires, Evil Clowns, Freddie Kreuger, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees knocking on your door, because I will send them!

Delilah says this of the EP “I wanted the EP to have a ‘Jennifer’s Body’ meets ‘Harley Quinn’ energy to it. I wanted to create a character that was both disturbing but enchanting too, a real femme fatale. It’s more than just a few songs on an EP, it’s my music and art combined, a whole concept brought to life. For each song I created visuals based on the lyrics, influenced by iconic villains in horror movies”.

Check the new EP out, it’s released tomorrow, 15th October. And as it is now tomorrow, click here to listen on Spotify.

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