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‘Welcome To The Institution’ (Anniversary Reissue) – Promethium December 3, 2021

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Promethium are a gang of metal marauders from Lancaster and were the seventh act to receive coverage in our Mayhem Virgins series around 18 months ago. Since then they have made regular appearances in the Mayhem Top 20 chart posts as some of my more obscure listening. But this is not a band that deserves to remain obscure they need to be heard. To do that there is no better place to start than with the tenth-anniversary reissue of their stunning and incredibly accomplished debut album, ‘Welcome To The Institution’ which is out today. Back in 2010, this album laid out very, very clearly the Promethium Metal Manifesto and also showcased their depth, they are so much more than just a metal band. “Visions” was a meaty and mighty tune with the power to rip a planet into a million pieces. The riffs throughout the album are bigger than Olympus Mons (that is a Martian mountain fact fans!) But it isn’t all about the riffs, album opener “Distant Illusion” lulls the listener into a false sense of security regarding what is to come with its prog-like lullaby style. I can hear elements of other bands here from Led Zeppelin to the Foo Fighters to Linkin Park. The latter are clearly an influence on “33.1”.

The anger and passion in “Cycle Of Vengeance” and “The Curse” is electrifying and if you love headbanging anthems look no further than these two tracks. Having listened to the album quite a few times I think “Tribute To The Fallen” is currently my favourite track. The power, emotion, soul and message hits you right in the face, as it should. If this was the only album Promethium ever recorded it would stand as an incredible legacy, an incredibly confident and mature debut album, but they have so much more and this release includes some recordings of three of the original tracks by the current line up and they are something damned special. It is hard to imagine a re-recording of “Visions” being better than the original, I mean how can you improve on perfection, but it is better and even more perfect. The other two re-recorded songs, “Nothing” and “Murder Inc” are superb too. Finally there is a rather good bonus track on the CD, “Sons Revenge” which is a remaster of the first song Promethium ever recorded back in 2007. If you have never listen to this band before ‘Welcome To The Institution’ would be a great place to start your metal journey with them. If I ever have to go into an Institution I want it to be the Promethium Institution! I still haven’t seen them live, but when I do I suspect it will be a truly awesome experience.

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