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‘Mainspring’ EP – Heartsink February 27, 2022

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Those purveyors of pop-punk perfection, York’s very own Heartsink recently unleashed a new EP onto the world, it is called ‘Mainspring’ and it is rather splendid! It is on Ernald Troutman Records. If you grew up with Sum 41, Blink 182, or even Green Day you will love this seven-song collection. The title track opens proceedings and although clocking in at just over a minute it serves as almost an overture to what is to come. “Starting Over” has “release me as a single” written all over it. It has an awesome production, riffs to die for and hooks, and a chorus that echoes in your head for hours after listening to it. “Andy Bernard Does Not Lose Contests” has a backing that stretches away from the band’s pop-punk comfort zone with some sky-high riffage that borders on great metal. Meanwhile, the harmonies soar and the vocals are packed full of emotion. I assume that Andy Bernard is Ed Helms’s character from the US version of The Office. Enlighten me Heartsink! If you like music that smacks into your head like a sledgehammer until you let it in then “Beacon” is definitely for you. The drumming here is on a kind of level with the power to cause an extinction-level event tsunami. “Keepsake” has a late 70s power pop feel to it and everyone in the band is on absolute perfect top form on this track. Check out the rather spiffing video below. Heartsink show even more depth on the beautiful power ballad “Getting Older”, which after listening to the EP five times is probably my current favorite track. There is real passion and soul on display. The EP closes with the hugely powerful “Chasing Moments” which boasts yet another hook to die for. This is a fabulous EP that shows that these lads are not afraid to step away from their pop-punk roots at times. This will be getting plenty of spins by me and it is a clear sign that the future for Heartsink may be very bright indeed! The band is playing an EP launch show at The Fulford Arms tonight, Sunday 27th February. Get along to it if you can!

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